Wooden Furniture that suits you!

Wooden Table, Cutting Board, Occasional Table Top by West Coast TimbersSolid Wood Furniture can transform any room with genuine warmth and a sense of style. This is something that no other furniture types can achieve. The primary attraction of solid wood furniture is that each piece is unique in terms of texture and grain, making for a truly unique product that has a story to tell.

The wide range of timber species available to make furniture means that there is a wide range of colours to choose from. Colour is a very unique feature that can be further enhanced by stains, design and finishes. Combined with the exquisite woodworking skill of craftsmen, a real art form can be made into each wood furniture piece.

There are very few real masters of woodwork around these days, those who have a good reputation for solid wood furniture, are in increasing demand. These masters make unique pieces that are guaranteed to provide satisfaction and become priceless in the future. Another thing that you will never get from modern mass produced furniture.

Modern Furniture

Composite materials that are being used in modern furniture making including plastic, ceramics and some metals will not last. Craftsmanship are never required for these types of furniture since they are mass produced with machines. Solid wood can be produced by machines too but in larger quantities which only mean that the quality has to be sacrificed.

Wooden Furniture that suits you, consider the options

Now you have decided that solid wood is the right furniture option for your home, your will need to visit your local showroom to choose your exact piece. If you are looking for something really special you can choose the exact piece of timber and style that your new piece will be made from.

When deciding what kind of wood will be best for your new piece, keep in mind the end use of this furniture. If you intend to use it in your outdoor entertainment area, patio or verandah, solid wood furniture will be perfect; choose a hard wearing solid species. The natural look will complement well with your patio as well as the background view. If you are looking for an occasional piece then colour and grain will be more what you are looking for.

Solid wood furniture has a natural characteristic to withstand time and ageing. This ensures you a lifetime of use, enjoyment and value from your investment.

West Coast Timbers is your solid wood furniture specialist, we are your local mill where we source the timber and make every piece. No state forest timber is used in our mill and we have a bigger range of timber species than Bunnings. Call us today for a free quote or to arrange an appointment to visit our show room.