Why buy handmade wooden furniture?

  • Burl Wood Table Top

    Burl Wood Table Top

    Planning on to buy a handmade wooden furniture piece?

  • Are you having second thoughts?
  • What’s holding you back?

At West Coast Timbers, we are proud to make beautiful and elegant handmade wooden furniture, one off pieces for your exact need. You are guaranteed that all our furniture is made with the love and care that the wood deserves, from dining tables to sideboards, occasional tables to TV cabinets we have ensured our customers that every single piece is made with utmost workmanship and elite skill.

In today’s modern world, where machines seem trending, handmade wooden furniture are becoming an endangered species, you will be pleased to know we stand firm in our passion on providing quality and durable pieces of timber furniture which resembles elegance and natural beauty of the wood.

Overpriced? No, priceless.

Through the years, we have accepted that things of real value will cost a little more and solid wood furniture is one. The piece you choose will outlast you and if cared for with become a treasured antique of the future. These pieces of furniture are more than just functional; they make a real statement in your home.

The reason for buying..

If you are planning to buy or want a certain piece of furniture custom-made, keep in mind that you are not paying for any old the piece of furniture which will be broken or damaged through normal use in no time. With wooden furniture the timber has a great quality, durability and in most cases a wonderful story behind it. You are making an investment in your grandchildren’s future ( in most cases).

We make every piece out of sheer sweat of absolute passion for timber works. You are buying a piece of furniture with unique character and charm which was made to last for decades and not just months.

Why buy handmade wooden furniture?

Not convinced? Ask to see our current range or commission a custom piece from wood you choose. West Coast Timbers specialises in made to order and custom-made pieces. We have a variety of unique hard wood slabs to choose from. Call us now for more information.