What’s the secret to stylish home living?

Classic Hall Table with MirrorRecently moved to a new house? Whether it’s a new home or you just want to have that perfect feel and mood indoors, you should make sure that everything inside is stylish and offers comfort as much as it makes your home more beautiful.

Stylish indoor living

We all want to have a beautiful home, right? A beautiful home doesn’t require a grand mansion or a home filled with expensive decor. While it might be great to have those, you will be surprised to know that the secret to stylish home living can be just right under your nose and you don’t even recognise it! Yes, stylish home living doesn’t have to be expensive – all it takes is a little creativity and a couple of well chosen quality wooden furniture pieces to match your home’s current theme and design.

Wooden furniture for style

Tired of feeling like you can’t have anything nice inside your home? You don’t have to give up on your dream home. The trick here is to buy a good quality piece of wooden furniture with a gorgeous design and styles. Wooden furniture pieces can come in different styles which can suit your home perfectly – whether you have a traditional or contemporary home.

With wooden furniture, you can turn your home from ordinary to gorgeously stunning! Make your guests appreciate your home even more by making sure you get the best out from your furniture. Here’s how:

Position your wooden furniture at the right spot

Where you place your wooden furniture can instantly set the tone and mood for how you’ll live in that room. Make sure you place your furniture where it can accentuate your home and at the same time, remains as a functional part on the room too.

Consider the room’s function

When you have piece of wooden furniture left, your first instinct is to place them in a vacant space – as long as they fit in the room, there’s no need to fuss. Well, you are wrong. When arranging your furniture, consider how many people will use the room. For example, if you are arranging furniture in your living room, consider the amount of seating you will need. You will be entertaining guests so it pays if you consider having some extra chairs and these can be of a temporary nature and only brought it when needed. Sometimes you need to think outside the box. Less is more. Quality over quantity.

Identify the room’s focal point

What do you want to accentuate? The view outside, the television or your favourate wooden furniture piece? Once you have identified your focal point, you can orient the furniture accordingly. This can also help you recognise the ideal distance between your furniture – for example, the distance between your TV and your chair for that comfortable, relaxing feeling while watching your favourite show.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match!

Combine straight and curved lines for contrast, dark and light colours for that exciting look and mix wooden furniture of various sizes. This will add more visual interest to any space.

Take note of these things and these will make your home more stylish while making you comfortable inside. For wonderful wooden furniture, contact West Coast Timbers. We offer different wooden furniture pieces to suit your taste and budget. We also offer custom made pieces of furniture, just let us know what you want. Ring us now to discuss your needs. Buy direct from the mill and save.