Jarrah flooring at West Coast Timbers

What type of hardwood timber can I buy?

Here at West Coast Timbers we sell a range of timber products including wood furniture, flooring, wood cut to order that will suit your exact needs. Having timber in your home will make it totally lovely and to be admired by your friends for many years to come.

We have lots of different types of high quality timbers sourced from private, development or road works sites and recycled timbers.

We don’t use state forest timber in our mill.

We sell timber products that will turn your home into a classic comfy palace.

Here is the list of hardwood timbers you can buy:

  1. Wood furniture
  2. Timber flooring
  3. Wood cut to order
  4. Raw edge timber
  5. Burls
  6. Decking timber

Furniture wood

Jarrah Slab - Natural Edge Timber Slabs

Your search for classic sturdy furniture wood is over. West Coast Timbers has a large stocks logs and cut timber perfect for you to make into a wonderful piece of furniture. Australian timber, that has had years to grow in the lovely fresh air, not full of chemicals perfect for your dining and design. We specialise in solid furniture timber from a small piece for a shelve to a large bar or benchtop.

Timber flooring

Solid Wood Flooring by West Coast Timbers

You don’t need to worry for cold winter breeze with solid wood floors; they are warm in winter and cool in summer. Timber floorings are durable for any weather conditions perfect for your savings. Add a rug or two in winter and you have the perfect floor to snuggle on.

You don’t have to worry about dust mites as wood floors don’t have anywhere for mites to hide and are easily cleaned. If you have asthma or hay fever you can stay healthy throughout the year having non-allergenic timber flooring in your house.

Beautify your home into modern, retro or classic style with our different floor designs.

Wood cut to order

split logs

Want a piece of timber for a specific purpose? You can choose from our huge range of select the timbers. We can cut timbers into the exact sizes for your requirements. You don’t have to settle for near enough, let us know the measurements you need.

We sell slabs that are freshly milled and dried, cut to order, ready for you to create your wooden master piece even a lovely new dining table.

Raw edge timber

We can supply your timbers that include

  • Burls
  • Jarrah
  • Paperbark
  • Sheoak
  • Marri
  • WA Blackbutt
  • Tuart
  • Peppermint, and many more.

Just ask. These timbers are ideal for quality pieces and durable furniture.

Burl Wood TableBurls

We can make you sturdy table tops with our various range of burls. Or you can buy unfinished burls to make your own.Burls are lovely artistic wood which make them great for your furniture which will be displayed in your cosy living room.

Decking timber

Extend living areas with a wood decking perfect to your lovely house. Wood decking is wonderful to use as a balcony on your second story. Choose different timber to add style to your verandah, balcony or patio floor.

Deck your garden area and share the fabulous view with friends, perfect to create an outdoor kitchen in your entertaining area.

Where to buy hardwood timber?

West Coast Timbers of course!

Have the best timber to cover your needs. Call West Coast Timbers on 08 9720 2561 to discuss your timber needs and book an appointment to see our timber range.