What type of furniture can be used on a deck?

diningTable-e1385049759383Whether your deck is nestled in a sun drenched backyard or pint sized balcony, it needs to have the right furniture so you can maximise the space. You can find the right furniture to suit your space depending on your need read on for some tips to make it easier to decide.

What are the types of furniture you can use?

The use of right furniture can make your deck stylish, comfortable and unique. You can use furniture made from plastic, glass, metal or wood. For that classic look, go for wooden furniture. Don’t worry – they are as durable as they are lovely. Wooden furniture made from hardwood offers longevity, charm and beauty.

When choosing the right furniture to use on your deck, here are some things you should consider:

Know your priorities

What do you want to do in your deck? Used it for small get together with family or friends or interested with a romantic dinner for two? Don’t forget to put out a few chairs and a table. If you want to use it to read and drink a beer or two, invest in a couple of comfy loungers and a side table.

Think about your architectural details

If you are concerned on creating a lovely space that matches your home’s architectural design, you can choose wooden furniture that complements your style. For example, if your home looks like a traditional home, go for wooden furniture with traditional design and style.

Mix and match

Your deck might look plain but it doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with your furniture. Once you have furnished your deck with the must have furniture pieces, add a piece that will add some personality. It can be as simple as a statement chair in a bold colour or a portable fire bowl.

What type of furniture can be used on a deck?

Wooden furniture of course – just make sure you put the right furniture and you’ll enjoy your deck more. For lovely pieces of wooden furniture, contact West Coast Timbers. We have a huge collection of furniture, can even do customised furniture. Ring us today on 9720 2561 to discuss your need with us.