What to do when your pet chews your furniture?

dogTired of dealing with damage furniture because of your pet? Furniture chewing is a common problem with dogs as they have the tendency to chew things around them especially when they are young and left unattended. Chewing is a normal activity for dogs but it can become a problem when important items such as your furniture become their desired object to chew.

Protect your furniture

Furniture makes your home more welcoming. It is not just a functional item but also add that extra elegance to the overall appearance of your home. Your furniture is an investment which you can keep for many years with proper care and maintenance. When your pet dog chewed your furniture, what should you do?

Separate your furniture from your dog

Make sure your furniture and your pet dog don’t come in contact with each other. Restrict your dog access to areas of your home where you have nice furniture. For example, you can ban your dog from entering your living room. Don’t leave your puppy inside your house when you are not at home.

Give your dog a toy to chew on

Make sure your dog has a plenty of toys to play with and chew on so they will not get their attention to your furniture. Doing so will allow your dog to choose their toys over your furniture, sparing your furniture from being chewed on.

Use a bitter spray

Spray your furniture with a bitter spray so your ready whenever your dog goes near your furniture.  If they don’t like the smell and the taste, your dog will go back to playing toys.

What to do when your pet chews your furniture?

Good luck! When your furniture is already damage, you may be able to get it repaired or if it is really bad then the best thing to do is replace it. Be sure to follow the things mentioned above to prevent damage furniture in the future and wait until your puppy is over the chewing stage before allowing them near your furniture.

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