What is the best wood to use for Timber Furniture?

Side Table on CoastersEucalyptus is the most common wood species in Australia. It has a wide variety of sub species with different properties such as colour and grain patterns.

Blackbutt (pale brown), spotted gum (mid brown)and Jarrah (red) are some of the Eucalyptus species that are fabulous for making furniture. Price can vary depending on the quality, species, availability and size of the timber you are looking for.

Here are the 5 things to consider when choosing the wood for your furniture:

  1. Colour
  2. Grain
  3. Use
  4. Fit with existing furniture
  5. Skill Level


Timber comes in a wide variety of colours you can choose from. Colours from light to dark, pale to rich deep reds and some with wonderful patterns to. Handmade wooden furniture will complement your home’s interior theme and décor to create an elegant appeal.


The grain pattern is what makes wood such a beautiful material to work with when making furniture. Create that uncluttered elegance in your furniture by choosing from the many different grains that the different wood species offer. Choiose from very dominate grains to very fine grains. Wooden furniture is very classy and the right grain patterns can create that fabulous appeal with a wow factor.


What type of furniture do you want to make? Use will often determine the species and quality of wood you choose. Where your furniture will go and what you will use it for is very important to decide before buying your timber. A large dining table has different requirements to a chair that will have small pieces inlayed to create a gorgeous pattern.

Fit with existing furniture

Think about the furniture you already have in the room. Will your new piece be a feature piece or match in with the existing furniture? Look around the room and consider the designs that are already there and consider this when choosing your wood and design for your new piece.

Skill level

Wood species vary in their durability and longevity as some are harder to work with than others.  Depending on your skill level to whether this is your first project or one of many. Some woods are harder to work with than other.

Here at West Coast Timbers, we sell high quality timbers that will outlast you and the next generations perfect to save you great investment.

What is the best wood to use for Timber Furniture?

The best wood to use for timber furniture will vary from one person to another. Ring West Coast Timbers on 08 9720 2561 to book an appointment to see our range of quality furniture timber from special pieces to huge logs ready to be milled to your requirements. Deal directly with the mill and save, no middle man. Call West Coast Timbers today.