Want to Create That Heritage House Feel With Wide Floorboards?

Solid wood floorboardsSearching for the latest trends in flooring today? When it comes to flooring trends, many things old becomes new again. One great example is the use of wide floorboards as your flooring. Wide floorboards were used a long time ago and many people rate house by the width of the floor boards. Well, guess what you can still get wide boards today!

Wide floorboards for you

If you think that wide floorboards are only fit into the past, you can think again. Wide floorboards aren’t for everyone nor they can fit for every application but they are a refreshing alternative if you have been thinking about having hardwood flooring. Perfect for heritage style homes, giving that extra class or restoration work.

Wide floorboards are classic, today narrower boards have become the rage because they are thinner and can be cut from younger trees. Don’t worry though, the effect and durability is still the same – only the size and appearance changes but never its functionality.

Create that heritage feel inside your home

Whether you would like floor that can last for years or just want to have that heritage feel inside your home, wide Marri floorboards can do that for you. With its beautiful pattern, unique appearance and rich colour, floorboards can give your home just the right look and feel.

The nice thing about wide Marri floorboards is that you can choose what kind of atmosphere you would like to create. Marri floorboards come in a variety of colour and grain pattern. They have a richness and beauty that enhances your home’s appearance. Perfect to match with your homes décor from heritage to modern, wood flooring covers it all.

Want to Create That Heritage House Feel With Wide Floorboards?

Look no further than West Coast Timber, just north of Bunbury.

If you want to create beautiful home from wide Marri floorboards, contact West Coast Timbers. We also offer floorboards in Jarrah and Tuart. We have access to wonderful Australian timbers and never from state forests. Ring us on 08 9720 2561 now to get your free quote today, buy direct from the mill and save.