Timber Gluts and Timber Dunage

Timber Gluts which can also be called Timber Dunage are sacrificial pieces of timber that can vary in size and are used to support freight, machinery and other goods during transport to prevent it coming in contact with the ground or the truck bed. Timber Gluts are also used to provide clearance for forklifts to be able to slide under the freight, goods or machinery and lift it safely. Timber Gluts create a stable bed preventing the freight from coming directly in contact with the ground.

Timber Gluts

West Coast Timbers cut Timber Gluts to order in either pine or hardwood. Because we are the mill we can cut to the exact size and quality you need. Timber Gluts are mainly used for large, bulky type items’ perfect for packaging allowing for load spacing and for even weight distribution. Gluts are used for placing items on and allow forklifts to get under these items for easy for movement.

Pine gluts are durable and lightweight providing dunnage in a square pine gluts that is perfect for all your packing, freight and stacking needs.

Pine Pallet Wood

West Coast Timbers cut pine for making pine pallets out of, cut to order with eh exact size and quality you require.

West Coast Timbers have a variety of timber sizes available,
please call on 9720 2561 to discuss your timber glut needs.