Timber flooring, real wood in your home!

lounge_flooringYour old flooring has seen better days. Just your luck. That’s another expense you got there, right? Plus, you’ll get more headache if you think about what flooring option should you choose. You need to replace your floors and you have to do that sooner. There are many flooring options – carpets, tiles, vinyl, timbers. What to choose? Choose timber flooring.

Timber flooring is the right fit for you

Don’t be overwhelmed with the flooring options today. They might seem an ideal choice but if you choose timber flooring, you have just done something that your future self will thank you! Why, timber flooring is just extremely, amiably great! It will give you a lifetime of use and it is unlikely that you will ever have to replace it.

Do you want warmth and grace in your home? Nothing surpasses the appeal of a timber floor.

Timber flooring is:

  • Timeless and stylish
  • Smooth underfoot
  • Low maintenance
  • Non allergenic

Your timber floor can be your home’s most striking feature. If you match it with the right décor and a couple of rugs with rich colour can really create a cosy, inviting ambiance to your home. Want to change the look, easy swap out your rugs or roll them up completely in the warmer weather. Timber really is your perfect décor companion.

Timber flooring ideas for you

Timber floorings come in different sizes, colour and grade. You have to choose carefully so you can have the right effect you want for your home.


When choosing colour, make sure you consider the size and style of your home. Dark floors are sophisticated but they show the dirt and can enclose your space. For a small space, choose lighter colours – to bring a sense of light and roominess.


Turn between small or big boards? Choose wider boards. A wider boards just look better on any space!


Some people prefer very clean grade and that is fine. This depends on your choice but if you’re buying Australian hardwood, expect a higher level feature of grain and that brings out the character of the wood.

Timber flooring is good for you. You’ll never tire of its exceptional beauty!

If you want timber flooring for your home, contact West Coast Timbers. We have floor boards in Jarrah, Marri, Tuart and Black Butt  in 80 x 10mm. We also have Marri in wider boards 120 x 15mm cut to length for you.

Ring West Coast Timbers located just north of Bunbury on 08 9720 2561 to discuss your flooring needs.