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What are the characteristics of traditional wooden furniture?

Side Table on CoastersFurnishing your new home?

Whether you are getting a new home or just redecorating an old one, you might be considering adding a new piece of furniture. The right furniture can make your home appear lovelier and increase its value instantly. When it comes to furniture shopping, you have to make a hard decision as to what style of furniture you should choose.

Traditional wooden furniture

Wooden furniture is a great choice but what about the style? Should you go for something modern that gives a sleek and chic look or a traditional wooden furniture that is classic and unforgettable? Of course, your choice will depend on the kind of look you are trying to create. However, if you haven’t thought about your theme and interior style, traditional wooden furniture is a wise idea.

Why go for traditional wooden furniture? Well, there are several reasons why you should:

  • Traditional wooden furniture looks calm, orderly and predictable. There is nothing wild inside your room and you instantly feel comfortable.
  • With traditional style furniture, your room will look unified and synchronised. There is nothing that looks out of place. Everything has the appearance that it goes together.
  • Traditional furniture makes a room feel comfortable to any age group. It feels like it is a home you have grown up in. It gives you the feeling of being nostalgic. However, traditional furniture doesn’t look too formal – they usually take a more casual feel. The main reason why guests feel comfortable inside your home.

Solid Wood Furniture - Dining TableWhat are the characteristics of traditional wooden furniture?

Traditional wooden furniture is associated with such style as William and Mary. Remember those Victorian homes you see in magazines? Those homes used traditional wooden furniture. They may look ancient but make you feel at home at the same time.

Love traditional looking furniture?

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What type of furniture should you buy first?

Solid wood cabinet with glass doorsGetting ready to move into your new home? The feeling is exciting but once you step inside your new home, you’ll realise there are still a lot of things to do – like furnishing your new home. Furnishing your new home is a great feeling – especially when you are shopping for furniture. However, many find it as overwhelming. There are so many options for everything that even deciding on which chair to buy put so much pressure on you.

What items should you buy first?

Before buying furniture, you should know how to find the best match for your needs. Each furniture has certain elements and features that will help you determine whether it’s a good buy or not. So, what should you buy? Should it be your bed? A couch or coffee table?

When it comes to furniture, you should know the rule of thumb: Start with the big pieces and then fill in the details.

diningTable-e1385049759383Big Furniture Pieces

Big furniture such as beds, cabinets and family dinner table should be put first. This furniture is big which means, they may also cost more. They should be your top priority – that way, you can get what you truly need without getting out of your budget.

After you had secured all the big furniture, use the rest of the budget on little touches that will turn your space into a home with a cosy feel.

And, buying big furniture doesn’t just allow you get what you need but it can also help a lot when you are decorating your home. Of course, your décor should match your furniture too. You can refer to your furniture for style inspiration.

Burl Table TopFeature Pieces

Use what you have and then add or replace as you can afford new furniture.Get décors and rugs that match your furniture and not the other way around. Remember, replacing your furniture just because it doesn’t match your décor is an expensive way to decorate.

A great way to decorate is to start with a few really nice feature pieces and build around them. Quality wooden furniture is the perfect style of furniture to use as your standouts. Having a focus point in your room can add a touch of class to your home and the perfect place to start when decorating the space.

Buying furniture – Quality Wooden Furniture

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Will wooden furniture work in my home?

Burl Wood Table Top

Yes, wooden furniture will work in your home.

Wooden furniture’s elegance is incomparable, its elegance is unparalleled. What makes homeowners deeply fond of wooden furniture is its brilliance and warmth the feel that wood gives you. There is this certain grandeur in wooden furniture that is often showcased movies.

Nowadays, good wooden furniture can be difficult to get. It is just a good thing that there are still some traditional shops and mills out there who still sell and make good wooden furniture. Quality wooden furniture pieces can be like looking for a needle in a haystack and remember price doesn’t always mean quality.

Wooden furniture is like a good poetry piece, you can instantly tell if it’s the right one for you. The warmth of wood is natural and it can’t be copied by any other furniture materials like glass and steel which can be clinical and cold.  It is like living in a cold grey winter rather than a lovely bright spring day.

Wood furniture gives a very natural feeling, close to earth impression which brings a wonderful quality and ambience to your home no matter what style of décor you choose. No other furniture can match the way wood makes you feel when you come home and walk past that special piece that is freshly polished and gleaming and waiting for you to use.

buffetWealthy and influential people in the 19th century invested in antique wooden furniture such as priceless wooden writing desk and grand pianos. They have completely disregarded the fact that these pieces are extremely expensive because they were mesmerized by their exquisite look and the status it brought them.

It is amazing how one piece of furniture can lighten up a whole room by adding a touch of class and sophistication and often you will be surprised at how affordable that piece can be.

Wooden furniture really has it all. There is nothing better than the elegance, beauty and sophistication of that wonderful piece that will fit perfectly with your décor and lift it to a new level. Nothing beats the comfort and smooth experience you get from wooden furniture; it is just like having an old pair of your favourite slippers or shoes.

Will wooden furniture work in my home?

Try it for yourself and experience that incomparable feeling of solid wood furniture.

West Coast Timbers have a range of solid wood timber pieces for you to view or pick the particular piece of timber that talk to you and have a custom made piece crafted to suit your needs. Phone West Coast Timbers on 08 9720 2561 to view our current range.


3 most common mistakes when purchasing wooden furniture

coffee TableBuying wooden furniture seems easy. You know what you like, right? Whether it’s a quest for a statement piece or to completely furnish a brand new home – choosing the right furniture is important. However, with so many options to choose, you might get overwhelmed. As a result, you end up choosing furniture that you don’t need or, don’t like for that matter.

Here are a few scenes where you commit common mistakes without actually noticing it:

1. Rushing a purchase just to feel you are done

You want to be settled in and complete your home as soon as possible. You want to enjoy the comfort of your home while having a cuppa but when it comes to purchasing furniture, take it slowly. Take your time and make sure you are purchasing furniture that you really need and not just because you want to get things done quickly.

2. Buy something just to make a piece you dislike work better in a room

You tried to purchase a coffee table to match your sofa inside your lounge room. Truth be told, you don’t like that sofa much, but you just can’t let it go yet because you can’t replace it. Well, time to change that up! Let go of your sofa – that way, you get rid of something you don’t like and you can keep yourself from buying something you don’t actually need.Side Table on Coasters

3. Knowing what you want versus what you need

There’s lots of lovely furniture to look and you will want to take everything home! The key here is to make shopping lists of things that you really need. Focus on spending your money on furniture that you need and you can get what you want later anyway!

3 most common mistakes when purchasing wooden furniture

Sound familiar? You don’t have to make these mistakes again! Need furniture for your home? Contact West Coast Timbers for all your furniture needs. We supply lovely furniture made from quality hardwood. Ring us today and let’s talk!


Is wooden furniture perfect for your kitchen?

kitchen furnitureDo you plan on renovating your kitchen?

Whether you your old kitchen needs a tidy up or you just want to upgrade your kitchen, it might be a great idea to use wooden furniture. You can’t go wrong with classic wooden furniture. It never goes out of style. In other words, your kitchen will look stylish – whatever the trend might be!

Wooden furniture is a classic, timeless design

Wooden furniture may seem simple and practical but they exude a timeless beauty. You don’t need to decorate your home with lavish and expensive décor to make it look luxurious – the mere presence of wooden furniture – especially in your kitchen, can make your home feel and look grand. Capable of fitting most styles and colour schemes, using wooden furniture can suit your kitchen perfectly and neatly.

Single Slab Dining Table

Here are several reasons why wooden furniture would be perfect for your kitchen:

  • Displays sophistication and personality
  • Makes your kitchen look warmer and inviting
  • Easy and not expensive to fix
  • Extra long durability

Wooden furniture displays such quality and can impress your guests in an instant. The material is always associated with fine craftsmanship. Wooden furniture in a kitchen can create a really nice effect and feel. Your guests will surely commend you for your creativity and unique taste of style.

Dining Table, Contemporary Solid Wood FurnitureIs wooden furniture perfect for your kitchen?

Yes, absolutely! No need to worry about spills or moisture, simply wipe as you go and your furniture will last a long time. With proper care and maintenance, your wooden furniture will remain in your kitchen for many years to come.

Are you looking for wooden furniture for your home? Contact West Coast Timbers for all your furniture needs. We have gorgeous pieces of furniture that you can choose or tell us what you want and we’ll do it for you. Yes, we specialise in custom made furniture. Ring us today for a free quote on 9720 2561.


Why is handmade wooden furniture so good?

Wood Table by West Coast TimbersDo you plan to buy wooden furniture?

Handmade wooden furniture is a great investment. Because:

  • It enhance your home’s appearance
  • It is natural and environmentally friendly
  • You can choose from a wide variety of styles and sizes

When investing into handmade wooden furniture your will be the envy or your friends and have a great talking point for years to come. Wooden furniture can be made from recycled timber and often comes with a story to tell.

Enhance your home like never before

Solid wooden furniture can make your home more elegant looking. Wooden furniture has this ability to bring out a sense of masculinity to the room where there is plenty of feminine touches – perfect for couples who want to incorporate something they both love. Or you can that perfectly fine ladies dresser that will bring memories of yesteryear flooding back.

Natural, environmentally friendly and good for your family

Furniture made from plastics has a harmful effect on our environment and your health. With woods, you know that you are not contributing to our slowly dying environment. Most wooden furniture is ecofriendly water based lacquer or natural oils, which is safe for your family.

fishtankBaseWide variety of styles and sizes

With the wide variety of styles and sizes of wooden furniture available, you are sure to find something that will suit your taste. There is a style and piece to fit very sort of home from traditional to modern and even contemporary.

Expensive? No, you get what you pay for.

Yes, wooden furniture can be more expensive than some of the other styles of furniture, but with the benefits it can offer, you can always get the real value for your money. Wooden furniture can last a lifetime, how many priceless plastic pieces do you see? Handmade wooden furniture is exquisitely designed and crafted to make it unique and it will become an antique of the future.

Not convinced? Come and see for yourself; call West Coast Timbers and book an appointment to see the furniture we have in stock.


Debunking the common myths about wooden furniture

Lovely Solid Wood Table from West Coast TimbersWe all know that wooden furniture looks lovely. It has that rich colour that gives off a warm feeling. Every home with wooden furniture exudes charm and elegance. However, some homeowners are hesitant to choose wooden furniture. It’s not because they don’t agree with the timelessness of wooden furniture. It’s because they have heard all of these wooden furniture myths– and they’re not sure if they are true or not.

Wooden furniture myths

These myths might be common, but it doesn’t mean they are true. Here are some myths about wooden furniture and you might also think some sound very familiar:

  • Wooden furniture is not eco friendly
  • Wooden furniture is difficult to maintain
  • Wooden furniture is expensive

fishtankBaseWooden Furniture Is Not Eco Friendly

Just because they are made of wood, doesn’t mean they are not helping the environment? That is not true – wooden furniture does come from trees but these trees are harvested and cut down because they have matured.Often, these trees are grown in plantations or from development sites where the trees are being removed. If the trees from development sites and roadworks are not used, in wooden furniture or flooring then the timber would be wasted and that would not be environmentally friendly.

Wooden Furniture Is Difficult To Maintain

This is probably the most common lie told about wooden furniture. Would furniture isn’t difficult to maintain but it does require a little bit maintenance. The wood has natural oils that protect the furniture and let it age gracefully over time these oils need to be replaced and sealed in.

brrl table with flower box underneath $4500.00Wooden Furniture Is Expensive

Why choose wooden furniture when there is a cheaper alternative? You get what you pay for; cheaper furniture will often  warp, crack or break. Wooden furniture will often outlast you and can endure daily wear and tear. With proper care, wooden furniture will be a once off buy and with proper care can pretty much last forever. It may cost a little bit in comparison to plastic furniture but eventually the extra cost will pay off and think of the time saving not having to buy new furniture every few years.

Debunking the common myths about wooden furniture

Have you heard these myths before? Now you know these aren’t real and just pure misconceptions about wooden furniture – what are you waiting for?

For lovely pieces of wooden furniture, contact West Coast Timbers. We have a variety of furniture – hand made and customised furniture, waiting for you to choose from. Ring West Coast Timbers today to make an appointment to see all of our wonderful furniture or to discuss your exact needs.


Everything about wooden furniture that you need to know!

Solid Wood Table by West Coast TimbersDo you often wonder why wooden furniture is simply irresistible?

What makes it so unique and such a classic piece?

That is because when a hardwood is used, every board tells its own story. No 2 pieces will ever look the same – that is the real beauty of wooden furniture. Wooden furniture reflects a uniqueness that no other furniture can match it.

  • Wooden furniture is unique
  • Hardwood colour variations
  • Don’t accept a synthetic substitute!

Wooden furniture is unique

It takes many years for a tree to reach its full maturity before they are cut down and make it into some awesome pieces of furniture. Each tree has a unique grain pattern and texture. When manufactured, the individual boards and timbers will reflect this sole process and make each piece of wooden furniture a one-off. The grain patterns are made by the tree’s growth ring? It shows one for every year. Therefore,a piece of wooden furniture with countless patterns means that the hardwood has reached maturity.

Wooden Table by West Coast TimbersHardwood colour variations

Have you ever looked closely at your wooden furniture and noticed all the different colours? Each hardwood may show off 2 or more shades of colour; this shows the standard trademark of the particular hardwood that is used in the furniture piece.

Why does the timber have these colour ranges?

The outside part of the wood shows off a lighter colour compared to what’s inside, which are

usually darker. Some woods may also show off dissimilar colours due to the minerals present and other elements affecting the tree’s growth.

Tv Cabinet 1Don’t accept a synthetic substitute!

Solid wooden furniture has become the standard in top quality furnishings, never settle for anything less. Wooden furniture may have many synthetic substitutes – but don’t accept them! Always ask plenty of questions and have a critical eye for each wooden furniture that catches your attention. No synthetic substitute can look and feel as authentic -as a piece of wooden furniture. Laminated or wood substitutes won’t last like wooden furniture can and sometimes they can even give off orders from the large amount of glues that have been used in making the furniture.

All about wooden furniture

For quality wooden furniture, contact West Coast Timbers. We offer first rate wooden furniture every time. Each piece of hardwood is manufactured directly at our very own mill. We have readymade furniture and we also take orders for custom made furniture. Just let us know – what you have in mind. Call West Coast Timbers today and let’s discuss your needs.


3 tips to find furniture for smaller spaces

HallTable1Designing a small space? It can be a real challenge on your part. It’s hard to use décor, especially furniture that can fit perfectly in a small space. Furniture can take up so much room! If you are not careful, you end up having an even smaller space because your furniture has already occupied what little space you had!

Get more creative!

Got smaller space? Don’t worry, nowadays, designing a small space becomes an art. There are a lot of ways you can incorporate furniture even in a smaller space. Here are effective tips on how to do it:

1. Go vertical

Tall pieces of furniture can work wonders. They occupy a small area but offer a lot of storage space. Choose vertical bookcases and shelving units. You get to have a decorative piece of furniture while creating more area.It’s a perfect place to position your books, mug collection and a few family photos.

2. Think light not heavy

Choose furniture with open space designs. For example, for chairs, uses pieces with legs instead of those that have heavy cross bars or sit directly on the floor. It can create a sense of lightness inside your home. Stay away from furniture that looks heavy – they can make your home appear smaller than its actual size.

dinner-table3. Choose a table with a glass top

Tables are a necessity in every home. If possible, choose a wooden table with a glass top. The glass allows light to travel which can create a look of spaciousness and a minimalist vibe.  Tables with fold down sides are perfect for small spaces too.

3 tips to find furniture for smaller spaces

Looking for the right pieces of furniture?

Contact West Coast Timbers on 9720 2561 for all your needs. We offer beautiful furniture that will fit perfectly – no matter whether you have a small or large home. Ring us today and discuss your needs. We also make customised furniture, for that one-off look to suit your individual style.


4 tricks for moving your furniture

Solid wood cabinet with glass doorsWooden furniture looks amazing! It makes your home look stunning and with proper positioning, can create a nice living design. However, wooden furniture is heavy which can make them difficult to move around – especially bulky furniture. Whether you are getting some new furniture or just changing its location for design purposes, it’s important you know how to move them properly.

Moving your furniture

Moving your furniture around seems an easy thing to do until you get your hands on it and realise how heavy it is! When moving your furniture, you have to be extra careful not to damage your floor or even your furniture. So, how will you move your furniture carefully without putting it at risk and without doing your back in? Here’s how:

Slide furniture. You might be tempted to lift the furniture, don’t – unless it is relatively small furniture that is not too heavy. Lifting furniture can not only injure your back but if you accidentally slip while lifting – it can damage your furniture also.

Use towels. To prevent your furniture scratching your floor use towels underneath the furniture before you start sliding it. That way, you can minimise floor scratches.

Wood Table by West Coast TimbersPull furniture.Sometimes pushing furniture seems like it would be the best option.In fact, pulling the furniture is far more effective. Place your arm on either side of the furniture and position your feet a few centimetres  away. Using your arms as a brace, lower your body as if you are going to sit then scoot backwards.

Empty the furniture first.Before moving,empty the furniture first. Not only  will it make the furniture lighter; it can also prevent items from falling out and causing further problems.

tricks for moving your furniture

Follow these simple tricks and you can successfully move your furniture with ease.

Created a space and need new furniture for your home? Contact West Coast Timbers for all your furniture needs. We have lots of lovely handmade furniture created from Australian timbers. Ring to make an appointment to view our current range.