wooden flooring

Caring for wooden floors

Hard wearing, durable wooden flooringYour wooden floors are your home’s best asset. Caring for them is very important to maintain its beauty and elegance. Here are tips on how to care for your wooden floors:

Wooden floors need proper maintenance and caring. Remember, prevention is better than cure so here are the things that can harm your wooden flooring:


Sunlight that directly hits your wooden floor can cause it to develop gaps, fade or just dry out. Extreme sun exposure can affect the performance of your floor’s elegant finish. Window blinds or dark shaded curtains can prevent this from happening. It blocks the sun’s direct light from entering your house therefore reducing its damage to your wooden floors. Using blinds and curtains can also enhance the visual appeal of your house.


Sand is another thing that could cause harm to your wooden floors without you knowing it. This is due to sand particles which are brought inside on your  footwear; they became like sandpaper which can cause unwanted scratches and marks on your wooden floors. To keep this from happening, the best thing to do is to have a mat outside your door, this will filter out sand particles and prevent it from entering your house.

You can also choose to ask people to remove their shoes upon entering your house. Floor mats in entry areas of your home so that they filter the sand and dirt. This will avoid them from damaging your lovely wooden floors. When you see sand on the floor it is best to sweep it up as soon as you can to avoid it being transferred through your home.

When prevention is properly implemented, maintenance will then be easy. Basic yet regular sweeping, cleaning, vacuuming and mopping will definitely keep your floor in best condition. Spot mopping  needs be done immediately when liquid spillage happen. When spill occur, mop them up immediately to prevent staining your wooden floors. If you already have a stain on your floor, you can contact West Cost Timbers, a specialist in wooden floors, to get professional advice with your particular need. Always check your vacuum cleaners brushes. Check if it is already worn out, replace it instantly as it well scratch your floor.

Damp mopping and dry mopping are two different techniques of cleaning your wooden floor. Damp mopping should be done with proper knowledge of your floors condition, always see to it that the finish is still intact to avoid damaging your wooden floor. When performing damp mopping, you should wet the mop first then wring it out properly before damp mopping. Keep in mind to avoid using abrasive cleaners or detergents when damp mopping as they are proven harsh to your wooden floor.

Dry mopping on the other hand can be done without you having to worry about damaging your wooden floor.

For all your tips on how to care for your wooden floors contact West Coast Timbers, your local floor specialist. We offer a wide range of wooden flooring solution to suit best to your need. Call us now to discuss your requirements.


How durable is timber flooring?

Gorgeous Solid Wood Floorboards - MarriWant a classic look for your home? For that beauty that will last a lifetime, you can’t walk past the natural beauty of timber flooring.

Here are some reasons to choose timber flooring:

  • Easy to install
  • Versatile
  • Low maintenance

Timber flooring is extremely durable, which makes this type of flooring last for generations when properly taken care of.

Durability of timber flooring

Solid timber flooring isn’t just a beautiful addition that completes the look of your home no matter what style you have, it is much more. Did you know that timber flooring, once installed will last a lifetime? That’s how durable timber flooring is. Even a floor that has been mistreated in the past can be sanded and refinished to give it a second lease of life and many more years of service.

You get what you pay for with and unlike other types of flooring, like vinyl and carpet; you will never have to replace your solid wood floors. Would you rather choose to keep on replacing your floor again and again, which can cost you more or settle with a timber flooring that can last throughout the entire generation of your family? The choice is yours. For practical purposes, timber flooring is a great flooring option, especially for allergy sufferers as dust and dirt doesn’t get trapped in your floor.

Australian hardwood floors

When choosing timber flooring, Australian hardwood floors are a great option. They are known to withstand the harsh climate of the area where they were originally grown. A popular choice for architects and interior designers is the Jarrah when aesthetic and versatility is concerned, Marri for lovely colours and Blackbutt. With the many choices of Australian hardwood floors, you can be sure to find something that will suit your taste.

Timber flooring has been around for hundreds of years, which means one thing – they have withstood the test of time. Plus, combined with the technology today, they become more durable and hard wearing.

Looking for the right timber flooring? West Coast Timbers can help you with that. We process our own timbers at our mill and we have a large collection of timbers like Jarrah, Blackbutt, Marri and so much more. Ring us now to arrange an inspection of our current timbers today. Buy direct from the mill and save.


Reasons to choose timber flooring?

Marri FloorboardsPlanning on replacing your floor? Great.

There are many flooring options that you can choose from but if you want the best flooring for your home, choose timber flooring. There are many reasons why timber flooring is a wise choice. This includes:

  • Unmatched beauty
  • Stylish
  • Elegance ensured
  • Healthy – great for allergy suffers

The best thing about timber flooring, is it never goes out of style. Its timeless charm can make your home a beauty to behold!

Warmth and style with timber flooring

Isn’t it nice living in a home with a stylish flooring? Your friends will envy you and most of all, your home will look beautiful. Timber floors can transform any room into something elegant and stylish.  Timber flooring provides warmth and a sense of style – something that no other flooring option is able to give.

Gorgeous Solid Wood Floorboards - MarriWhy is this? Timber flooring is great because each piece is unique in terms of its texture and grain, making a truly unique product. The wide range of options for timber flooring also means that there are different colours to choose from, a feature that can be further enhanced by stains and finishes.

If you have decided that timber is the right flooring option for your home, here are some things that you need to consider when it comes to choosing the perfect timber for your home:

  • Colour
  • Grade
  • Hardness
  • Board width

Marri Floorboards - Solid WoodWhy choose timber flooring?

Why choose timber flooring because it is perfect for your home. Transform your home into something beautiful, stylish and with a touch of class, choose timber flooring now.

For your timber flooring needs, contact West Coast Timbers. We have a wide range of different timbers for you to choose from and will even cut it for you! You can choose the exact logs that your new floor will be cut from. Ring us now on 08 9720 2561 and let’s discuss your flooring needs.


Is Blackbutt flooring for you?

Timeless, stylish and smooth underfoot, timber flooring can be your home’s most striking feature. Match it with the right décor and a couple of rugs; it will bring a cosy and inviting feel to your room all year round. When it comes to timber flooring, you need to make a choice – what type of flooring materials should you choose?

Finding the perfect timber flooring

Choosing timber flooring is great, it has a fabulous look and its hard wearing nature will be perfect for your home.When choosing which timber flooring to buy, you should consider a number of things to make sure you get the best flooring for your home and needs.

Some questions to ask

  • What kind of look do you want?
  • What colour flooring are you looking for?
  • How about durability? It’s maintenance?
  • Want the best wood flooring to purchase?

Blackbutt timber could be a good choice in flooring for you!

Blackbutt flooring

Blackbutt is a strange name but a great timber; the name came about because of the appearance of the tree after a bushfire. Due to its quick growth and versatility, blackbutt has been popularly used in South West Australia for building framework as well as for floorings.

What makes blackbutt flooring different?

Like any other hardwood, blackbutt is durable, strong and can be used for a range of structural and interior applications such as flooring. If you are wondering what sets it apart from other hardwood, read on:

Unique appearance. Blackbutt has an even texture. Its grain can be interlocked but generally, it is straight. Its colour ranges from pale brown to yellow and there are times when you see a slight pinkish colour to the timber. Gorgeous and unique!

Beautiful. Blackbutt can be stained polished or waxed but remember to do it carefully as it will determine the ultimate finish of your floor or hire a professional to do it for you.

Need a quote on your flooring timber? Contact West Coast Timbers, we are your timber specialists. We mill our own timber so you can save by buying directly from the mill, no middle man. West Coast Timbers also supply a range of different timber such as Marri, Jarrah and Tuart, some in wide boards too. Ring us to discuss your flooring needs, we offer free quotes.


How much does a solid timber flooring cost?

Marri Floorboards - Solid WoodSolid timber flooring is one of the most popular features in homes today. They make homes unique and stand out from the rest. How much does a timber floor cost to install?

Timber flooring cost

A new flooring project can be a big investment that is why; you want to know how much it cost before making such a big purchase. You will want to know the price first before you start with the project.

How much does timber flooring cost?

Timber flooring cost involves two things,

  1. Labour to install the timber flooring
  2. The material cost of the timber flooring.

If you are installing the floor yourself then you only need to look at the material cost.

Material cost of timber flooring

Material costs of timber flooring will depend on many factors like:

  • Type of wood used. Do you have a particular type of wood in mind? When choosing, go for locally grown Australian hardwood as they are cheaper and are more readily available.
  • Width of the boards. The width of the floor boards will also determine the cost, some woods are available in wider board widths and some are not. If you need to have a particular width that is not standard then this will be a custom job and cost more.
  • Cost of finishing. Finishing work is required after the wood is installed so allow for that in your budget
  • Amount of flooring. Of course the more you need, the more the cost of the timber will be.

These factors should be considered in order to help you determined the cost of a timber flooring. Good luck with your project!

West Coast Timbers are your local mill, no middle man, deal direct and save. Because we are a timber mill you might be surprised at how affordable your custom job will be. We offer a huge range of timber for flooring in a range of size boards.

How much does a solid timber flooring cost?

Ring and ask! It cost nothing to ring and get a quote on your flooring requirements. Contact West Coast Timbers on 08 9720 2561, we have a larger range of timber than Bunnings and can custom cut to your exact needs.





Tips in choosing the right timber flooring for your home!

Marri Floorboards - Solid WoodHaving the right timber flooring in your home can make a big difference. However, it’s not easy choosing the timber flooring with so many choices. There are various factors to look through to get the right choice. Yes, hardwood flooring is the choice of many homeowners because it is:

  • Durable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Look classic and elegant

Hardwood flooring is also safe for children and pets, because it doesn’t cause allergies, trap dust mines and are really easy to clean.

Choose the right timber flooring

It’s a very challenging task to get the right hardwood flooring with such a huge range and variance in quality and price. Timber flooring makes beautiful flooring and a gorgeous floor will makes your home look stunning.

Here are some tips in choosing the right timber that’s best for your home.

Consider the timber grade and species. Want to make your floor look natural? Go for a local wood like Jarrah. If you want to appear to be more creative, go for a character grade which has unique grain patterns like Marri.

Choose your colour wisely. When choosing colour, make sure it will create a good contrast to your home’s appearance and should blend well. Solid wood colouring ranges from pale yellow, honey right through to rich deep reds that are almost black.

Know the exact number of the required timber. Before you purchase your timber, make sure you know the design or how your flooring is going to be layed and take your floor to get a quote. This will help make sure you are buying the correct amount of timber needed for your flooring, you must have the exact measurements. Always allow for a little over to allow for mistakes and angles in your room.

Correct size of the board. Wooden planks/boards come in different sizes. The type of home and need will dictate on the size board you need. Larger size boards are not available in all types of timber flooring woods.

Choose the right finish. You have a variety of options to choose from – glossy and sophisticated or satin type finish. Choose a finish that will satisfy you.

Follow these tips and you will get the right timber that will fit your home perfectly well.

Looking for the right timber, buy direct from the mill!

Logs, beautiful timber waiting to become beautiful furnitureContact West Coast Timbers for your timber flooring needs. We offer different kinds of timbers – Australian hardwoods such as Jarrah, Blackbutt, Marri and Tuart. We mill our own timber so our prices are affordable, no middle man. Ring us now on 9720 2561, free a free quote.

West Coast Timbers is located in Binningup just north of Bunbury is the fabulous South West of Western Australia. We can also organize your wood to be freighted to you. Call today.


3 Simple Steps to Keep Your Hardwood Floors Looking Good!

Elegance, class and warmth your lounge timber flooringYou want your beautiful floor to last longer. That is why; you need to take a bit of extra care to keep it that way. Constant exposure to foot traffic and moist can damage your floor and will end up needing repair. Prevention is always better than cure.

Keep your hardwood floor look good

You might be surprised but keeping your hardwood floor looking good can be really easy, a few simple steps – but it is very important to ensure your floor can endure the daily wear and tear. Start here:

  • Take your shoes off
  • Get rid of dirt and grime
  • Occasional deep cleaning

Take your shoes off

Wearing your shoes inside can track in so much dirt and dust that can scratch your hardwood floor. Before you go inside, leave your shoes outside and you can place mats at every entry to lessen tracked in dirt.

Get rid of dirt and grime

Before you wash or clean your floor, remember to vacuum up any loose dirt and dust then mop your floor with a damp mop, finally dry mop your floor to remove any excess moisture. Rubbing dirt into and around your floor is not a good idea and instead of cleaning, you might inflict damage on your floor.

Occasional deep cleaning

Deep clean your floor every once in a while. Do this by mixing ¼ cup of vinegar with a 1 litre of water. Use a clean mop; wring it before you mop your floor. Remember to mop the floor in the direction of the floorboards. When done, dry it with a clean towel and let it air dry.

Keep these simple steps and your hardwood floor will sparkle every time, all the time.

Need to install hardwood floor? For your you wood needs, contact West Coast Timbers. We have a huge range of lovely hardwood for you to choose from. We have our own mill so our prices are quite affordable. Ring us now to discuss your needs with us.


How to mop your wood floors properly

For elegance and class wooden flooring is for youWood floors are:

  • Beautiful to look at
  • Natural looking
  • Great for people with allergies

Wood floors have been the most common flooring choices for many people for years now. However, you need to care for your wood floors. They are easy to care for when you understand the floors own set of cleaning quirks. A little care from you and your floor will go a long way and look great.

Mop your wood floors the right way!

Are you mopping your wood floors? Remember, when it comes to wood, too much water is not good as it can ruin your floors. Excessive wet patches can stain your floors and can even result in warped boards.

The correct and proper mop technique will prolong the life and the beauty of your wood flooring. Take a look at the steps on how you can properly mop your Wood floors.

  • Find the right solution
  • Right mop
  • Wring it out
  • Follow the grain
  • Dry mop

Find the right solution

Just use water, clean hot water is the best. If you have really dirty floors then you could use a trusted wood solution that is gentle to your floors.

DON’T USE bleach or ammonia, as they are harsh on your floor.

Use a flat mop

Flat mops are the best mops for mopping wood floors. They are better in getting rid of dirt and dust without scratching your floors.

Wring it

The mop needs to be dry as possible. Keep it wringing until you see that the mop is only slightly damp before using it. Your floors will dry faster too!

Follow the grain

Always mop in the direction of the wood grain. That way, it’s easier for you to get the dirt and dust. It will make mopping easier and more effective for you.

Dry mop

After you have mopped go over your floor with a new clean dry mop to remove any excess moisture.

Well done! You can now enjoy your clean, dirt free Wood floors, just the perfect place for your children to play, relax and enjoy a cuppa.

For wood floor boards, contact West Coast Timbers. Call us now and let us give a quote on beautiful wood floor boards for your home. We even have wide Marri Floor Boards, you deserve the best!



Where can I buy wide Marri Floorboards?

Marri Floorboards - Solid WoodDream of having a beautiful floor that can impress your guests? Wide boards make you home look classy and beautiful. There are lots of floorboards to choose from in many different types of hardwood but few come with wide board options.

Choose Marri floorboards

Do you want the best floorboards for your home? Consider choosing Marri floorboards which come in wide or standard sizes. Western Australia is the home to the best hardwood in the world which includes Marri hardwood. Marri floorboards have become a popular choice among homeowners because of its durability and versatility which allows you to make the most of your home’s interior design. If you would just love your home to look lovely, you can never go wrong with Marri floorboards especially when they also come in a wide board option.

Get the right, perfect Marri floorboards for your home

Marri floorboards fit into your home like no other; with its unique colour and striking pattern, Marri floorboards will give your home a facelift which is so beautiful. Its colour can vary from light yellow to pale brown and Marri floorboards are very durable they can outlast you.

“Where can I buy wide Marri floorboards”? Well, don’t worry because you are not alone in asking this question. Looking for wide Marri floorboards, West Coast Timbers are your local Bunbury supplier. We mill our own timber so you will save.

Marri floorboards? Call West Coast Timbers for your needs

West Coast Timbers have access to hardwood that cannot be found anywhere else. We mill our own timber carefully to create beautiful, wide Marri floorboards 120mm x 15mm – wide boards or you can choose 80mm x 10mm – standard boards, floorboards that your home needs and you will love. Phone West Coast Timbers for your floorboard needs and discuss your requirements.



Timber flooring, real wood in your home!

Elegance, class and warmth your lounge timber flooringYour old flooring has seen better days. Just your luck. That’s another expense you got there, right? Plus, you’ll get more headache if you think about what flooring option should you choose. You need to replace your floors and you have to do that sooner. There are many flooring options – carpets, tiles, vinyl, timbers. What to choose? Choose timber flooring.

Timber flooring is the right fit for you

Don’t be overwhelmed with the flooring options today. They might seem an ideal choice but if you choose timber flooring, you have just done something that your future self will thank you! Why, timber flooring is just extremely, amiably great! It will give you a lifetime of use and it is unlikely that you will ever have to replace it.

Do you want warmth and grace in your home? Nothing surpasses the appeal of a timber floor.

Timber flooring is:

  • Timeless and stylish
  • Smooth underfoot
  • Low maintenance
  • Non allergenic

Your timber floor can be your home’s most striking feature. If you match it with the right décor and a couple of rugs with rich colour can really create a cosy, inviting ambiance to your home. Want to change the look, easy swap out your rugs or roll them up completely in the warmer weather. Timber really is your perfect décor companion.

Timber flooring ideas for you

Timber floorings come in different sizes, colour and grade. You have to choose carefully so you can have the right effect you want for your home.


When choosing colour, make sure you consider the size and style of your home. Dark floors are sophisticated but they show the dirt and can enclose your space. For a small space, choose lighter colours – to bring a sense of light and roominess.


Turn between small or big boards? Choose wider boards. A wider boards just look better on any space!


Some people prefer very clean grade and that is fine. This depends on your choice but if you’re buying Australian hardwood, expect a higher level feature of grain and that brings out the character of the wood.

Timber flooring is good for you. You’ll never tire of its exceptional beauty!

If you want timber flooring for your home, contact West Coast Timbers. We have floor boards in Jarrah, Marri, Tuart and Black Butt  in 80 x 10mm. We also have Marri in wider boards 120 x 15mm cut to length for you.

Ring West Coast Timbers located just north of Bunbury on 08 9720 2561 to discuss your flooring needs.