Solid Wooden Furniture

Are solid wooden furniture pieces worth your money?

Wooden Table by West Coast TimbersAre you looking for the right furniture for your home? Then perhaps you are contemplating if you should go for wooden furniture or not. It’s a common concern for homeowners. With many lower end, metal or plastics option for furniture, you start to wonder if the extra cost of solid wooden furniture is worth it.

Are solid wooden furniture pieces worth your money?

Yes and here’s why

  • Appeal, character and feel
  • Beautiful and elegant
  • Long lasting
  • Quality

Solid wooden furniture

You cannot deny the classic appeal of wooden furniture pieces. They are beautiful and elegant to look at. They can bring a feel of classic and quality décor to your home. Transforming your home from ordinary to gorgeous made easy, just use wooden furniture – simple and quick. Beautiful wooden furniture can be a lifetime investment.

Is solid wooden furniture really expensive?

If you are solely concerned about the price, No!

Solid wooden furniture can initially cost you more compared to other furniture made from other materials. However, as time goes on, solid wooden furniture can prove to be a money saver. Why, it’s durability and superior quality can last for really a long time – no more replacing your furniture over and over.

Wood furniture can fit into many different home décor styles and even when you change the style of your room your gorgeous wooden furniture will still suit perfectly.

While lower end product may offer cheaper prices, they can also sacrificed quality. What you save in the short term may end up costing you more in the future on replacement costs and your time.

Solid wooden furniture is the best

Well built solid wooden furniture is durable and built to last for generations. It can withstand the daily wear and tear and requires minimal maintenance. If it starts to show it’sage, you can restore it and be back to its beautiful state. With lasting beauty solid wood furniture will be in  your family for years to come, solid wooden furniture is proven to be more economical in the long run.

Why go for another option? Beautiful, classic and economical, solid wooden furniture is right for you.

Looking for beautiful wooden furniture for your home? Contact West Coast Timbers for your needs. We offer extensive choices for different solid wood furniture options to fit your bedroom, kitchen and outdoor areas. We also do custom made furniture. No matter what your dream design, we’re here to help you. Ring us now and let’s discuss your needs.



Are you looking for floorboards in Bunbury?

Marri_Floor_BoardsTimber floor brilliant, you’ve decided to choose floorboards for your home. Good.

Wood flooring is great:

  • Easy to maintain
  • Flexible
  • Perfect for your health

Floorboards are naturally hard wearing and when properly maintain can last for many years. Wanting only the best for your home, nothing beats the qualities of solid wood floorboards. Wood floors offer a stylish and elegant look on your home.

Wood is a perfect fit for your home.

Are you worried about your design inside your home? Don’t be. Surprisingly, solid wooden floorboards can be very flexible. They look good on both contemporary and traditional interior design; modern, minimalist or heritage to country, any style. You can be sure that your home will look at its best all the time!

Floorboards are cool in summer and warm during winter, no freezing feet first thing in the morning. Wood doesn’t trap heat, so no radiant heat in the hot weather. Your floorboards will make a comfortable atmosphere for you, staying cool on even the hottest days.

No doubt, solid wood floorboards are the right fit for you when it comes to comfortability, beauty and functionality.

Where to look for floorboards?

Now, the problem is, where to look for floorboards in Bunbury? If you are looking for floorboards Bunbury, your best option is to choose West Coast. West Coast Timbers have timbers of different sizes, widths and species. Your floorboard will be milled on-site and generally all from the one tree log. We don’t use state forest timbers and only use wood from  locally grown trees. Australian timber for your floorboard is grown to withstand the Aussie lifestyle and weather.

West Coast Timbers, your timber flooring specialist!

What are you waiting for? Solid wooden floorboards will give your home a unique look. Call West Coast Timbers now. We specialize in timber flooring, solid wood furniture and milled, dried and dressed timber to suit your needs.

We have 80 x 10mm boards in random lengths in Jarrah, Tuart, Blackbutt, Marri plus we have 120 x 15mm boards in Marri.

Tongue and groove profile boards make stunning floors.

Want something different in your floorboards, then ring West Coast Timbers and ask, we have  a range of one of specialities as well.

Buy direct from the mill and save, wood is our passion. Ring now on 08 9720 2561



Wooden furniture in a contemporary setting

wooden interiorSome of us wanted a rustic design at home, while others may be drawn to a more contemporary design. Contemporary design, exudes sophistication and style, great traits for your new home.

Need the perfect solution for your contemporary home?

You can have a modern interior design and yet, you haven’t quite got sophisticated feel you are after? The simplest way to make your home interiors look sleek and sophisticated is to use wooden furniture. Are you surprised?

Yes, wooden furniture can be used in different settings – including contemporary setting. Solid wood furniture are is perfect for that rustic feel, but it is equally at home turning your home into something sophisticated, chic and fabulous. You’ll never know it, but wooden furniture can be both traditional and contemporary, it just depends on the pieces you choose and how you combined them with your other décor elements.

HallTable1Finding the right wooden furniture

Wooden furniture in a contemporary setting? Why not? With wooden furniture, the possibilities are endless. You can use it any way you want it. That’s the beauty of wooden furniture, it is versatile, classic and timeless.

Using solid wood furniture will help you personalize your home and express yourself. If you wanted to be glam and trendy at the same time without losing your elegance, wooden furniture is for you. Don’t worry! Wooden furniture can complement any interior design so relax and enjoy designing your home with wooden furniture.

Wooden furniture in a contemporary setting

Absolutely and can make your design decisions so easy. Need wooden furniture for your home? Contact West Coast Timbers, we mill our own woods, process it and then make beautiful to your requirements. We also have a range of fabulous pieces for your to choose from. Call West Coast Timbers to discuss your needs today.



4 Tips on cleaning wood furniture properly

cabinetNeed to get rid of allergens and pollutants from your home? Start by cleaning your wooden furniture. Here are some tips in keeping your wood furniture clean and help make your home healthy!

Ways to clean your wood furniture properly:

  1. Use lint-free cloths
  2. Don’t use chemical sprays
  3. Use a mix of vinegar and water
  4. Dust regularly

Use lint-free cloths

Use soft, lint-free cloths to dust your furniture. Feather dusters are not a good idea because the sharp quills can scratch on the wood’s surface and are not very good at removing the dirt. Follow the direction of the wood grain to prevent the build-up of dust.

Coffee Table with a sea themeDon’t use chemical sprays

Don’t use chemical spray polish as they are not good your wood furniture. Spray polish will simply give you that “clean” fragrant smell but will not benefit the wood furniture or remove the dirt.

Keep your home fresh and hygienic by regularly cleaning of your furniture to maintain a dust free environment rather than spreading the fragrant smell of spray polish that contains chemical which can cause health problems.

Mix vinegar and water

Strong vinegar can harm the surface of your furniture. Mix drops of vinegar with a cup of water then dip your cloth into the solution and wring it out. Make sure not to apply too much solution on the surfaces as over wetting can cause water damage.

You can use this solution as an alternative cleaning agent. White vinegar is great for cutting grease, odours, stains and the build-up of grime.

Dust regularly

Tidy away any buildup dust that will damage your furniture after a period of time, especially in corners and edges of your furniture. Deep clean your furniture with the small brush on your vacuum cleaning toremove all allergens that can get caught in the nooks of your furniture.

How to clean wood furniture properly!

Use these tips to keep your furniture looking awesome and your house healthy.
Looking for a new wooden furniture piece?
Contact West Coast Timbers on 08 9720 2561 to discuss your needs and view our current furniture range.



3 reasons to have wooden furniture in your home?

Ever wondered why solid wood is regarded as the best quality in furniture?

Whether you are building a new home,keen on remodeling the old one or just want to add a special piece of furniture; you can never go wrong with choosing solid wooden furniture.

Wood furniture is perfect for your home it is:

  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Great value for your money

Plus, wooden furniture just looks lovely!

Why have wooden furniture in your home?

Your home deserves the best, right? Wooden furniture can be classic pieces right through to modern and contemporary; it can go well with your home no matter what type of style you prefer. With wooden furniture’s versatility, you can achieve the kind of look you want for your home in an instant, no matter what the style.

Here are 3 reasons to have wooden furniture in your home:

  1. Prized possessions for home
  2. Unparalleled quality
  3. A beauty to behold

Prized possessions for home

Solid Wood TV CabinetWith its timeless appeal, wooden furniture will bring out your home’s best appearance. It can strike a balance with the interior décor theme to accentuating any style of home décor and create an impressive aesthetic look.

Unparalleled quality

Many people choose wooden furniture because of its durability. You get what you pay for. Save yourself time and money by not having to replace your furniture every few years.

A beauty to behold

Wooden furniture is impressive – it has a look and the quality to stand the test of time. Yes, its durable and that means its beautiful looks can last for longer. Brilliant!

3 reasons to have wooden furniture in your home?

Style, longevity, value for money!

Looking for solid wood furniture to add to your home?
Have a chat with West Coast Timbers, we have a range of furniture, whether you are looking for modern furniture or traditional styles, we have something for you or we can even custom make you that special piece.





5 questions to ask before buying wood furniture

Side Table on CoastersWant to have your great wood furniture that will last a lifetime and stay on till the next generation?

Ask these 5 questions before buying wood furniture:

  1. Is it solid wood
  2. Will it last
  3. Is it worth the money
  4. Is it made from Australian wood
  5. Do you deliver

Is it solid wood?

We sell solid wood perfect for long lasting heavy duty that will outlast you and then into the next generations. Our beautifully crafted solid timber furniture is manufactured from reclaimed and recycled timber; each piece is unique and quality guaranteed. The natural beauty of wood and grain shines through our custom made solid wood furniture pieces.

Will it last?

Our logs are recovered, milled, dried, and processed to become strong lovely furniture, wood flooring, stairs and whatnot. Our furniture can stay sturdy in long years undamaged and durability preserved.

Quality solid wood furniture will save you money because you don’t need to spent time and money replacing your furniture every year or so. Wood furniture is extremely adaptable and will suit all styles of homes, so you can change the décor of your room and your furniture will still fit in perfectly.Coffee Table with a sea theme

Is it worth the money?

Buying wooden furniture is definitely an investment but is it worth it, Yes! Your wood needs are covered here at West Coast Timbers. Our wood furniture is very affordable and you can have your cosy wood furniture to be sturdy and comfy for a very long time.

Is it made from Australian wood?

Our furniture is made from Australian timber that is not full of chemicals perfect for your dining room and or whatever design you have in mind. We specialise in custom designed solid wood furnishings. Have your rustic piece bring the fabulous feel in your living room.

Do you deliver?

Answer is yes, we can organise freight to your door at addition cost. Just call and tell us what you need and we can give you a quote for your delivery requirements.

Get your quality wood furniture here at West Coast Timbers; we have all the best timbers that will suit your needs. Call West Coast Timbers on 08 9720 2561 see our furniture displays and arrange an inspection.


What kind of wooden furniture do you sell?

Side Table on CoastersWant to add some personality to your room? Want something to make your space more welcoming, comfortable and stylish? Wooden furniture can do it for you. Wooden furniture is a real charmer which can make your home extra fabulous.

Wooden furniture

Well, there is a lot of furniture and they are made from different materials. Furniture can be made of plastic, aluminium, fabric or steel but wooden furniture stands out from the rest. With its rich colour, unique grain and pattern, wooden furniture can enhance the appearance of your home like no other type of furniture can give off warmth and comfortable feel.

Looking for wooden furniture?

Whether you are looking for wooden furniture to decorate your home or want one special piece, choose West Coast Timbers. We are your wooden furniture specialist located just north of Bunbury but don’t worry if you are not local, we can freight all over Australia.

Here at West Coast Timbers, we offer different kinds of hand crafted furniture made and design by our experts using Australian hardwood timber. Yes, our furniture is made from superior quality materials timber which means, they can last for really a long time.

What kind of wooden furniture do you sell?

We offer wooden furniture made from a varieties Australian timbers like Jarrah, Marri, Blackbutt and many more. Our range of wooden furniture is from small wooden furniture pieces up to larger functional furniture such as coffee tables, chairs and cabinets.

We also offer custom made furniture so if you have a specific furniture design in your mind or a spot you want to fill, give us a call and discuss your needs.

We don’t use any state forest timber in our mills; you’re in the right hand with us. By direct from the mill and save.

West Coast Timbers call us on 08 9720 2561 to make an appointment to visit our showroom for our latest furniture design or to discuss your furniture requirements.



Why is handmade wooden furniture so good?

Wood Table by West Coast TimbersDo you plan to buy wooden furniture?

Handmade wooden furniture is a great investment. Because:

  • It enhance your home’s appearance
  • It is natural and environmentally friendly
  • You can choose from a wide variety of styles and sizes

When investing into handmade wooden furniture your will be the envy or your friends and have a great talking point for years to come. Wooden furniture can be made from recycled timber and often comes with a story to tell.

Enhance your home like never before

Solid wooden furniture can make your home more elegant looking. Wooden furniture has this ability to bring out a sense of masculinity to the room where there is plenty of feminine touches – perfect for couples who want to incorporate something they both love. Or you can that perfectly fine ladies dresser that will bring memories of yesteryear flooding back.

Natural, environmentally friendly and good for your family

Furniture made from plastics has a harmful effect on our environment and your health. With woods, you know that you are not contributing to our slowly dying environment. Most wooden furniture is ecofriendly water based lacquer or natural oils, which is safe for your family.

fishtankBaseWide variety of styles and sizes

With the wide variety of styles and sizes of wooden furniture available, you are sure to find something that will suit your taste. There is a style and piece to fit very sort of home from traditional to modern and even contemporary.

Expensive? No, you get what you pay for.

Yes, wooden furniture can be more expensive than some of the other styles of furniture, but with the benefits it can offer, you can always get the real value for your money. Wooden furniture can last a lifetime, how many priceless plastic pieces do you see? Handmade wooden furniture is exquisitely designed and crafted to make it unique and it will become an antique of the future.

Not convinced? Come and see for yourself; call West Coast Timbers and book an appointment to see the furniture we have in stock.


Does all the wood furniture in my home need to match?

HallTable1Have you ever walked into a furniture shop before? Maybe you have noticed how they arrange their products according to the colour and style? This leads you to believe that when you buy furniture, they have to all match accordingly. If you are one of these people who think like this, maybe it’s time to change your thought process…

Does my furniture have to match?

The answer is no. Matching furniture is a thing of the past – especially when it comes to wooden furniture. You don’t need to buy the matching side tables and chair all in the same colour and finish, just to get that harmonious look. Furniture doesn’t have to match, but it should coordinate.

What makes matching and coordinating different?

Yes, matching and coordinating are two related words but with plenty of differences. When you say matching furniture, they are all in the same style, tones and finish. The pieces of furniture are often selected from a set of furniture with the same style. In other words, matching furniture can look plain and boring.

cabinetOn the other hand, furniture that coordinates can be taken from different sets of furniture collections but all work together to create a harmonious look inside a room. There may be different finishes, or you may combine new furniture with what you currently have. You see, creating a coordinated look doesn’t mean getting furniture with the same style.

Does all the wood furniture in my home need to match?

No – it doesn’t!However, if you want that plain, matching look for your home, you can go for it. You just have to remember that getting a coordinated look can allow you to be creative and experiment with furniture styles and designs. After all, wood furniture can fit any home décor and style perfectly – your imagination is the only limit!

Need to buy new pieces of furniture for your home? Contact West Coast Timbers for all your furniture needs. We offer different furniture to suit your home with great designs – tables, chairs, side tables; you name it – we’ve got it! Ring us today for a free measure and quote.


Things You Need To Know About Wooden Furniture

Natural Shaped TableSince the very beginning, furniture has been manufactured and made from wood. Only when the industrial revolution took place did supplementary materials such as glass, aluminium, steel and plastic start to become popular in making various types of furniture. However, wooden furniture is still by far, the most commonly used furniture.

Want to know the benefits of wooden furniture? Read on to find out more:

Furniture spices up the atmosphere of any house or workplace. Aside from its functional purposes, it also brings an aesthetic feel, that if organised properly, will go together with a certain look and theme you want to bring out in your home. Furniture also suggests identity, attitude, status, warmth and style. It adds beauty and trend; whether it’s in your home or a workplace. It is an important consideration to choose or purchase the perfect design of furniture when you are building a house.

Considering the different styles or designs available, i.e. modern, rustic, traditional or wooden furniture has proven its timelessness as it still looks great and contains its upper-class feel even after long periods of time. Wooden furniture creates a natural and simple living ambience. Moreover, it ishighly recognised by many people for its durability. The wooden pieces aren’t difficult to maintain and clean, which makes life easier. It can be very functional and at the same time can be a great addition to your home.

Natural Edged Tan;e from West Coast TimbersWhat types of wooden furniture are available?

There are many types of wooden furniture that you can choose from;it’s all up to you to select your best (and favourite) piece that can suit your needs perfectly. Wooden furniture varies from rare to exotic hardwoods and from the cheapest to the highest of value.

Your wooden furniture canbe any of the following:

  • hand crafted
  • sculpted
  • engraved
  • or even massed produced

Some wooden furniture comes with artistic carvings that make it even more attractive and unique. While metal, plastic and other types of materials do catch the attention of modern furniture industry, wooden furniture is still the most commonly used furniture worldwide and it has always been a perennial favourite.

Call West Coast Timbers on 9720 2561 and arrange to come and view our extensive range.You may wish to have a custom built piece, made out of your favourite timber -while knowing that it is a “one-off”. Either way, ring us now and speak to our helpful and friendly staff. We will cater to your every need.