How to store your wooden patio furniture for the winter

coffeeTableDuring summer, you love to sit outside in the cool evening air on your patio furniture. With the warm breeze blowing, nice view, it just makes everything perfect! However, now the temperature has dropped, it is time to store your wooden patio furniture is your patio is exposed to the weather.

You might like to keep out a couple of pieces if your patio or outdoor area is well protected.

Why should you store wooden furniture this winter?

Storing your wooden patio furniture during winter is the best thing to do because it will protect it from the weather and add many extra years to its life.  When it’s cold outside, you spend most of your time inside your home, leaving your wooden furniture of no use outside and exposed to the elements. When you store your wooden furniture for the winter:

  • It will last much longer
  • You can save it from being damaged

Before you store your wooden furniture, there are steps you need to follow first. Check it below:

Clean your furniture

Clean all of the dirt and grime built up over the past months. You can use a damp cloth or for really dirty furniture warm soapy water and a sponge. Allow the furniture to completely dry. The important thing is, keep your furniture clean before storing.

Dry the furniture

Before keeping your patio furniture in a safe storage, make sure it is dry. Check for wet spots. Remember, wood is vulnerable to wet. Avoid prolongs exposure to water and wipe dry if your furniture gets caught in the rain, this will give your furniture a longer life.

Cover your patio furniture

Lightweight furniture can be carried in your storage area, but for those heavier pieces, cover them with a durable covering material. Make sure to tie the cover so it doesn’t blow away in the harsh wind.

Be careful if you are using plastic please check that condensation doesn’t form under it. Make sure to brush off moisture off your covered furniture. Wooden furniture can stand up the cold, but never the moisture.

Wooden patio furniture needs a little bit of TLC, but do it now and you will be enjoying your furniture forever and so will your children and their children.

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