Spring cleaning tips for your wooden furniture

hallTableSpring is coming! Spring cleaning your home is a great way to say goodbye to winter. It is also the perfect time to declutter, arrange your things and even get rid of furniture that you no longer use.

Now that spring is a few weeks away, get your house ready for a warmer weather, more entertaining, spending time outside and generally enjoying the sunshine. Spring clean now and you will be ready for whatever you are planning, a party, a wedding at home or just sorted for Christmas. Before you plan for those things, it’s high time you gave everything a good clean especially your wooden furniture.

Important spring cleaning tips for your wooden furniture

Your wooden furniture adds beauty to your home. Spring is the best time to organise and declutter items inside your home. If your room has become too stuffed, you might need to look at moving your furniture around or taking some pieces to another room. Whether it’s wiping down your wooden furniture or you want to move some of your wooden furniture, here are some important tips for you.

Inspect your wooden furniture

As you begin to spring clean, take a closer look at your furniture. Does your furniture need to be clean or do they a little TLC? Check that the joints are secure, check for any loose screws or nails that may have worked their way out, give your furniture a good once over remembering to look underneath too.

Your current room design might need to change now that spring is here. If you are going to be having lots of parties you might need to open your room up. Now is the time to bring back any outdoor furniture you have had stored for the winter.

Give your furniture some love!

You use your furniture every day. Whether it’s your family’s dining table or your favourite rocking chair, it’s good to have your furniture clean – especially coming into spring, wooden furniture is durable, but they also require some TLC from you!

Spring cleaning can be overwhelming, but if there’s one season in a year that requires cleaning the most, it is during spring! The best way to look at spring cleaning is to do one room at a time and if that is still too daunting do one piece at a time. Start with your dining table, then do the chairs, move onto your buffet.

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