Natural Edge Timber Slabs

Natural Edge Timber Slab

Natural Edge Timber Slabs are individual and each one is unique in character. We can supply all your timber from a single slab to a commercial quantity of wood. Our range of timber includes Jarrah, Sheoak, Marri, WA Blackbutt, Tuart, Paperbark, Peppermint, Burls and many more. These Western Australian hardwood timbers are highly sort after for their colour, beauty and strength; some are so rare that once our stocks are gone you may never see them again.

These hard woods are premium quality; they come in a large range of colours, grain patterns and have been growing for a long time to reach these large sizes. This timber is ideal for quality one off specialty pieces and durable tables or furniture. These finished hardwood pieces are highly prized and bounded to become antiques of the future being passed down to the next generation.

At West Coast Timbers we can do everything for you; we are the mill, right through to custom making the beautiful furniture for you. We have a range of finished piece for you to choose from or you can come and select the timber and then commission us to make the exact size table you require.

DIY and handymen always welcome.

Looking for a specific size piece of timber?Jarrah Natural Edge Timber Slab

Handy on the tools, we supply timber cut to size and width to your specification. We can cut to order; so timber can be custom machined to suit your exact need, not just the regular sizes!

We sell slabs in all stages from freshly milled and dried, to cut and assembled, right through to complete finished pieces and even kit form.
No State Forrest Timber is used in our mill.

If it’s timber you are looking for West Coast Timbers is the place for you,
don’t settle for second best get the exact timber cut to the exact size you need.