Australian Hardwood Burl from West Coast Timbers

burls, lovely textures that are different every time

What are Burls

Burls are a common hardwood tree growth, in which the grain has grown into a deformity. A burl is generally caused as protection for the tree against parasite damage.
As the tree grows textured lumps form on the outside of the tree and this helps form the unique colours, patterns and textures found in burl wood.

How are Burls Used

The uses for burl wood depends on the size of the wood; from hand turned pens and bowls to magnificent one off table tops (see our furniture page). The shapes and form of the burl can also dictate the use of each particular burl.
Burls are a beautifully artistic wood and every piece is different so let your mind wonder and you’ll be amazed at where the burl will take you.

burls - raw beautiful timberBegining, stage 2 of the burl

We sell burls in all stages from complete finished tables, table tops, spilt burls or particularly finished DIY table kits.
West Coast Timbers also sell smaller burls for a range of other things. Come and have a look at our magnificent range of wood and be inspired.

Our range of burls change all the time so make an appointment and come and see for yourself at West Coast Timbers just outside of Bunbury Western Australia.