Split Logs - lovely solid wood for youSolid Wood direct from West Coast Timbers Mill

At West Coast Timbers we are the mill, so we can do everything for you. Solid wood direct from the mill to you, right through to making a unique custom made furniture piece where the beauty of the timber shines through.

We have a large range of quality hardwood timbers for furniture, kitchens, bathroom vanities, window sills, unique doors, dining tables, coffee tables, bench tops, flooring; Natural Edged Burl Tablewhatever you can dream of in wood.

All our timber comes from rural and urban land clearing site or private property,
We don’t use any State Forrest Timber in our mill.

Our range includes:

Raw wooden flooring and decking

Solid Wood cut just the way you want it.

West Coast Timbers have a huge range of hardwood timbers that can be cut in lengths and widths to suit your needs. From bark to bark full width boards can be cut to showcase the wonderful grain pattern of the natural wood and give you a unique edge.

It is important to know the difference between a solid wood piece and a veneer or laminated wood.

A few clues if the piece of furniture you have your heart set on is solid wood or not:

  1. Weight. A solid wood piece of furniture will be heavy, much heavier than veneer.
  2. Any flaking or peeling at the corners then its veneer piece.
  3. Look underneath, a veneer piece will usually be finished on all sides, whereas a solid wood piece will be unfinished on the underside.
  4. Grain is another good indicator. Can you feel the grain? If yes, then it’s solid wood and if the grain on the side matches up at the edge with the grain on top it’s a sign of solid wood.
  5. Carved details mean it is solid wood you can’t carve a laminate or veneer.

If in doubt ask, if it sounds dodgy it probably is.

Looking after your solid wood furniture

All our solid wood furniture is made to the highest standard and with a little proper care andDining Table, Contemporary Solid Wood Furniture maintenance will outlast you and be handed down through the generations.

  1. Dusting – frequently dust using a soft cloth and following the grain pattern of the wood to prevent build-up of dirt and grime.
  2. Polishing – your hard wood furniture has a natural lustre and depending on the finish won’t need polishing. If you do need to polish your furniture then you should only do it a couple of times a year. When applying furniture wax or polish, use a soft cloth to absorb the polish and then polish the wood in the same direction as the grain. Remove any excess or residue with a fresh clean soft cloth.
    Remember to use silicone free furniture polish.
  3. Sunlight – Avoid direct sunlight; don’t place your furniture in direct range of heat or sunlight. Hardwood furniture will shrink or expand and slightly with changes in weather but exposing the furniture to direct sunlight regularly can cause damage to it.
  4. Scratching – Normal wear and tear will happen to your table tops and furniture, avoid scratching the surface by using coasters and place mats and taking the care to lift objects, instead of sliding or dragging them across surfaces.
  5. Spills – Wipe up spills immediately using a dabbing action. Be sure to dry the area thoroughly and avoid rubbing it. Most spills will wipe off straight away and don’t need detergent.  Avoid using strong detergents and glass cleaner as they will damage the wood surface; also be careful with alcohol and other solvents.

West Coast Timbers only sell quality custom made solid wood furniture.