Solid Wood Furniture

Furniture plays an important role in defining the ambiance of your home or office. The demand for solid wood furniture is growing due to the increased of quality custom built furniture now available.

Almost any type of wood could be used to build furniture, but some woods have always been favoured for their beauty, durability, and workability. Before 1900, most furniture was made with these woods: walnut, oak, mahogany, rosewood, fruitwoods, and rare wood veneers and inlays. The high price of these woods has made other hardwoods, such as Marri, Sheoak, Western Australian Blackbutt, Tuart, PaperbarkSolid Wood Furniture, Peppermint  and Jarrah popular. All of these woods are dense, durable, and stand up well to weather.

Solid wood furniture has a quite distinct history. The wooden furniture traditions of Pakistan, China, India, and Japan are some of the best known, but places such as Korea, Mongolia, and the countries of South East Asia also have unique facets of their own. Unearthing of historical sites at Greece and Turkey have revealed the usage of wooden furniture in the form of tables, inlaid serving stands, etc. During the ancient times in Egypt, beds made of wood were used. The Middle Ages witnessed heavy and intricate designs on the oak.

Conventionally, solid wood furniture is better known for more ornate pieces. However, contemporary wooden furniture is well known for its minimalist style, extensive use of wood, high-quality crafts

At West Coast Timbers we have a range of solid wood furniture in all styles and we can even custom build to fit in with your existing pieces or to compliment your home and existing style.manship and reliance on wood grain instead of painting or thick lacquer.

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