Hand Crafted One Off Tables

You will enjoy entertaining around this beautiful solid wood Outdoor Table

Imagine the comments you will get for this beautiful solid wood buffet

Solid timber furniture is our passion!

If you are looking for custom made wooden furniture, a one off item or the perfect piece of furniture that will let the timber shine through, you have come to the right place, West Coast Timbers.

West Coast Timbers specialises in making custom made solid wood furniture to suit your need and taste.

At West Coast Timbers all our furniture is made from Australian timber; each piece has its own story and showcases the uniqueness of the wood from which it was made. You can have a rustic piece that emphasises the character of the timber to classic “antique of the future” that lets the natural timber do the talking. We specialise in custom designed solid wood furniture and make to order one off pieces.

No State Forrest Timber is used in our mill.
Our timbers are sourced from private property, development or road works sites, reclaimed and recycled timber; we don’t use any state forest timber in our mill. Our logs are recovered, milled, dried, and processed to become beautiful furniture, kitchens, wood flooring, stairs and much more.

You can choose from our huge range of slabs to select the exact piece of wood that your new dining table will be made from.

Classic Hall Table, you have the prefect spot

We have a large range of timbers and burls, WA Blackbutt, Jarrah, Sheoak, Marri,  Tuart, Peppermint, Paperbark and many others;  we can custom make a beautiful piece of solid wood furniture that will out last you and be in the family for generations.

Some of our timbers are so hard to get and unique that you won’t find them anywhere else.

Call West Coast Timbers today on 08 9720 2561 to arrange an inspection of our current stocks of solid wood furniture.