Simple ways to clean wood floors

lounge_flooring1This is a simple yet very effective guide in maintaining cleanliness in your hardwood flooring. These are basic information collected from dedicated homeowners.

Simple ways to clean wood floors – here’s how:

  1. Sweeping your wood floors regularly eliminates dirt and sand, preventing it from causing scratches on your beautiful floor. Always use a soft brush with fine bristles.
  2. Vacuuming once or twice a week also removes dirt and sand effectively. Use a soft brush vacuum attachment and always check it if still in best condition to minimize scratching.
  3. Since water could be your wood floor’s enemy too, get rid of it. Right away! Remove wet spills instantly with clean and dry mop.
  4. Use a thoroughly wrung out damp mop when cleaning polyurethane finished wood floors. Follow it up with a dry mop, since excess water can be absorbed into seams and will eventually ruin your hardwood floor.
  5. Consider using non-skid pads carpet runners, especially high traffic areas of your house.
  6. Vacuum areas cover by carpet and rugs often so dirt does not pile down through the weave. This will cause scratches underneath without you noticing it.
  7. As much as possible, do not wear heavy shoes or pointed high heels on hardwood floors.  These foot wears can cause dents on your hardwood floors.
  8. Don’t drag furniture across your wooden floor. You can choose to clean the floor thoroughly, remove sand and grit, and then use “gliding furniture pads” underneath the piece to give it a nice and smooth sliding capability across the floor area.
  9. Place floor mats in every entrance, even in porch to reduce the amount of sand particles that enters your house.
  10. Always ask and follow your floor manufacturer or installer’s recommendations to repair hardwood scratches and dents.
  11. Buy furniture pads and use them under tables and chair legs and on the base of dressers and wardrobes. They can be purchased at a local home builder store or the company that installed your floor.

Follow these tips carefully, enjoy a shiny and bright wood floors which your friends will surely envy.

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