Should I buy solid wood furniture or veneer furniture?

TV Cabinet, the envy of your friends with this fabulous TV CabinetWhen you are looking for furniture for your home, you are turned between purchasing solid wood furniture or not. With so many lower end, plastic and veneer alternatives, you might be wondering if the extra cost of solid wood furniture is worth it.

Let’s discuss these two options first.

Solid wood furniture

You cannot deny the beauty of solid wood furniture. They look classy and bring an elegant feel to any room. Well built, solid wood furniture is durable and can last for generations. It can withstand the daily wear and tear with minimal maintenance required. However, the initial cost of solid wood furniture will be more.

Solid wood furniture can be restored. So after many uses of faithful use if your favourite piece starts to shows signs of age and the varnish or polish is wearing; then it can be refinished and restored it to its original beauty. No other furniture choice has this option.

Veneer furniture

An alternative for wood furniture is veneer furniture. They are much cheaper compared to solid wood furniture. They come in different designs and styles and can be made to look like an exotic species of wood. You get what you pay for and veneer furniture will not last for years.


Should you choose solid wood furniture or veneer furniture? If price is concerned, veneer furniture can offer short term fix and you will be out buying furniture again.

Solid wood furniture proven durability and will last a longer long time. With its lasting beauty and durability, solid wooden furniture proves to be a more practical choice for you offering timeless beauty that often gains value as your furniture ages.

Should I buy solid wood furniture or veneer furniture?

If you are looking for quality then solid wood furniture is the perfect choice.

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