Save on Wide Marri Floorboards This Month!

Marri_FlooringWhen it comes to choosing the right flooring for your home, choose wisely. Solid Wood Flooring is an important feature of your home. Wood floors can really setup your home’s look and feel giving that beautiful effect. What to choose, if you are looking for wide board, Marri wide floorboards are your perfect answer.

Marri floorboards

If there is an excellent flooring material you can rely, its Marri floorboards. These are wide planks made from Marri wood. They are quite different from other type of wood because they are much wider. Floorboards usually have a size of more than 7 cm, anything narrower than that falls into the category called strip.

West Coast Timbers sell wide Marri boards – 120mm x 15mm orstandard boards Marri boards – 80mm x 10mm.

Without any doubt, Marri floorboards are a perfect material for flooring. It can make your home fabulous. Floorboards usually have that aesthetic appeal no other flooring can match. They reflect a style choice that offers diversity to home owners. You can have any kind of look you want for your home from wide to honey colouring. Marri wood is a local Western Australian wood which means it is grown here for our conditions; quality flooring that can last for years.

Save on wide Marri floorboards

If you have been thinking about purchasing Marri floorboards, what are you waiting for? Now is the perfect time to buy from West Coast Timbers because we are offering special 10% discount on all Marriwide floorboards in February and March.

Here at West Coast Timbers, we understand your needs to have quality floorboards for whatever project you might have – be it flooring or furniture making. For this month (February and March), save on wide Marri floorboards only here at West Coast Timbers.

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