How to remove scratches from your wooden furniture

cabinet1Wooden furniture needs proper care. A simple scratch can affect its beauty. Dealing with scratches is one of the most common issues people find owning wooden furniture. No matter how careful you are scratches are bound to happen to your furniture.

What should you do then?

Some scratches are minors and they can be hidden before they become eyesores. However, no matter how minor the blemish might be, you may want to remove it, especially if your furniture is valuable to you.

Wood surfaces can be easily  cleaned with a solvent but you have to be careful when using a solvent. Some solvent can remove or damage the finish. For example, alcohol. Alcohol can dissolve a shellac finish. It’s always a good idea to test the solvent first before using it.

How to remove scratches from your wooden furniture

Before you consider refinishing your furniture or worst, get rid of it, try these steps in removing scratches.

Use tea

Place a tea bag in a mug – use a black tea leaves for this. Use a few spoons of hot water. Let it steep for 2 to 3 minutes. The longer it steep, the darker its colour will be so for lighter shade furniture, 2-3minutes is fine or for a darker colour leave it longer. With a cotton wool, dab the tea onto the scratches.  Quickly wipe the excess tea and moisture to prevent the surface around the scratches from being stained.

Use a wax crayon

Instead of removing the scratches, cover it! Choose a wax crayon that matches the colour of your furniture. Colour the scratch, then rub the spot with your finger to blend  the crayon colour with the finish.

Follow these steps and make your wooden furniture scratch free!

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