How to protect your wooden furniture from stains?

Dining table jarrah edged with Tuart centre and very unusual SnaWooden furniture makes your home look classy and beautiful. It certain has charm and you want to protect it so you have years of service from your favourite piece. However, you know that despite your extreme care, accidents can happen.

Here is how to protect your wooden furniture from stains?

Like any furniture you use every day, wooden furniture can get stained when you put your food and things on table. You tend to spill things and sometimes things can get dragged across your precious wooden table. The end result can be a stubborn stain or scratch.

Prevention is better than cure.

Firstly you can prevent things like this from happening.
Use placemats, heat protection mats, coasters or a table cloth.
Have a no food or drink in the lounge room rule.
Put newspaper down first when the children are doing craft work.
No matter how careful you are, you may still get a few mishaps from time to time and when you do here is how to deal with them.

Furniture stains and how to remove them properly.

Stains and scratches can become eyesores which can damage the appearance of your wooden furniture. Before it happens, you need to remove the stain and keep your wooden furniture in top condition. Here are some common stains:

  • Water stains
  • Milk or alcohol
  • Nail polish

Water stains

Make sure to treat the stain right away. For recent and mild stains, cover the stain with clean and a thick blotter eg pad of paper towel or an old towel. Press down for a few minutes. The stain should be gone but if not, apply a small amount of mayonnaise to the area, don’t rub. Allow to sit overnight. Then wipe off the mayo and dry it with a clean cloth.

Milk or alcohol

Use a paste of boiled linseed oil or you can use a few drops of non-soaping ammonia on a clean cloth. Rub the surface using a clean cloth and wipe it dry. Don’t forget to wax or polish it for that shiny finish.

Nail polish

Blot the spilled nail polish as soon as possible. For dry nail polish, use a fine steel wool and dipped it with wax and rub. Polish for that shiny effect.

Your furniture got some stains? Don’t panic. For every stain, there is a solution. Just don’t forget to act as soon as possible to keep your wooden furniture stain free for longer.

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