The properties of wooden furniture

Jarrah Coffee table $999.00For a lot of people, wooden furniture is just furniture that is made out of wood. However, for other people wooden furniture is a labour of love, a reminder of a past time or person, a piece of elegance and something to be treasured. There are so many varieties of wooden furniture, quality and finishes; it is important to know a few facts to ensure you are getting the right piece and value for your money.

The first thing you need to know is about the type of wood. Lots of Western Australian woods make great furniture, timber varieties likeJarrah, Marri,Sheoak, Tuart,Western Australian Blackbutt, Peppermint, Paperbark, and Burls. Other timberslike mahogany, maple, ash, walnut and oak have been traditionally used in furniture made overseas. We are now also seeing a lot of Asian woods starting to be used in furniture pieces.  The properties of wooden furniture allow the craftsmen to create stunning masterpieces and gorgeous furniture that lasts for years.

What is the difference between a veneer, solid wood or laminated wood?

Things to look out for to see if that special piece of furniture is made from solid wood or not:

  • Weight
  • Peeling or Flaking
  • Look Underneath
  • Grain
  • Carving

Weight. Try lifting the piece of furniture. Is it heavy for its size? A solid timber piece of furniture will be heavy, significantly heavier than laminate or veneer.
Is there any flaking or peeling at the corners, edges or sides of the furniture, if so then it will be a veneer piece.

Does it look the same on all sides? Look underneath, a solid timber piece will be unfinished underneath, a laminate or veneer piece will be finished on all sides and look the same on the top as the bottom.

Another good pointer to whether it is solid wood is does it have a grain. If you can feel the grain and the grain match on the side and the edges then it is solid wood. Veneer and laminated wood are smooth.

Carving is another good indicator, carved detail mean it is solid wood you can’t carve into a piece of laminated or veneered wood.

Trust your instincts, if the price doesn’t seem right for the piece of furniture in question then it probably is not what they are claiming it is. You generally get what you pay for. Quality costs, but you will get years of service and that elegance only solid wood can give for years and years to come.

West Coast Timbers have a range of solid wooden furniture in stock or can custom make a specific piece for you. You can even choose the exact piece of timber which your new furniture will come from. Call West Coast Timbers just north of Bunbury today on 08 9720 2561 and discuss your furniture needs.