Why you should not burn unseasoned firewood?

burning woodOne of the best ways to reduce your energy bills is to find an alternative way to heat your home during the cold season. One of the most common alternative ways is burning firewood. It is a great idea; however, make sure you choose your firewood carefully. In case you didn’t know, unseasoned firewood is readily available but it is not a good option at all.

What is unseasoned firewood?

Not all firewood is the same. While some wood is ready to use straight away and providing heat for your home, some firewood doesn’t. Unseasoned firewood is firewood that is not yet ready to use. It still needs more time to be seasoned properly before it can be used. It might be much cheaper but it doesn’t provide the same amount of heat. Unseasoned firewood is also called greenwood which means, it hasn’t yet been dried properly.

Why stay away from unseasoned firewood?

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It’s attractive because it is much cheaper, but unseasoned firewood uses its energy to remove the remaining moisture from the wood, rather than warming your home. Did you know that the smoke produced by unseasoned firewood can create creosote and leave deposits on your walls? This can cause long term problems in your home as well as being very unhealthy for you. Getting rid of the black stain or creosote can be a tough job too, wasting your precious time.

Unseasoned firewood is also difficult to light. With properly seasoned firewood, it’s easier to start a fire and start producing the heat. To make your life easier, stay away from unseasoned firewood. When choosing firewood, choose wisely – look at the firewood closely and look for the signs of properly seasoned firewood. A quick tip – the drier the wood, the better it will burn.

Why you should not burn unseasoned firewood?

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