How to mop your wood floors properly

hallway-flooringWood floors are:

  • Beautiful to look at
  • Natural looking
  • Great for people with allergies

Wood floors have been the most common flooring choices for many people for years now. However, you need to care for your wood floors. They are easy to care for when you understand the floors own set of cleaning quirks. A little care from you and your floor will go a long way and look great.

Mop your wood floors the right way!

Are you mopping your wood floors? Remember, when it comes to wood, too much water is not good as it can ruin your floors. Excessive wet patches can stain your floors and can even result in warped boards.

The correct and proper mop technique will prolong the life and the beauty of your wood flooring. Take a look at the steps on how you can properly mop your Wood floors.

  • Find the right solution
  • Right mop
  • Wring it out
  • Follow the grain
  • Dry mop

Find the right solution

Just use water, clean hot water is the best. If you have really dirty floors then you could use a trusted wood solution that is gentle to your floors.

DON’T USE bleach or ammonia, as they are harsh on your floor.

Use a flat mop

Flat mops are the best mops for mopping wood floors. They are better in getting rid of dirt and dust without scratching your floors.

Wring it

The mop needs to be dry as possible. Keep it wringing until you see that the mop is only slightly damp before using it. Your floors will dry faster too!

Follow the grain

Always mop in the direction of the wood grain. That way, it’s easier for you to get the dirt and dust. It will make mopping easier and more effective for you.

Dry mop

After you have mopped go over your floor with a new clean dry mop to remove any excess moisture.

Well done! You can now enjoy your clean, dirt free Wood floors, just the perfect place for your children to play, relax and enjoy a cuppa.

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