What makes a Marri floor perfect for your home?

Marri Floorboards1Are you searching for the perfect floor that matches your home’s décor and style? When it comes to flooring, you can never go wrong with a marri floor! Marri flooring is very unique, effortlessly creating an elegant and stylish look inside your home. Marri floors are characterised by beautiful natural features. They are a stunning addition to any interior; they also come in different colours including soft cream, pale gold and light brown!

Marri flooring can suit both classic and contemporary home designs as they add warmth and character to both styles.

Why choose Marri flooring?

Why would you choose Marri wood over other flooring options? Where does it come from? Is Marri wood durable and strong? Here’s what you need to know about Marri flooring.

Marri is a hardwood

There are two types of wood – hardwood and softwood. Marri is a hardwood. They are commonly found in the southwest of Australia. They are also called Red Gums. When the wood is cut, it reveals a great range of grains, which makes it perfect as a flooring option.

Marri wood is extremely strong

Its strength is quite similar to Jarrah. Marri wood is very durable and can last for a long time and because of this, they are a popular choice for flooring and furniture pieces. A marri floor is hard wearing, durable and will remain beautiful for many years to come.

They are beautiful to look at

Why do you think marri wood is used for flooring and furniture? It is because it is naturally beautiful. Its grain runs in rays and rings and when used as floors, the result can be stunning. The character of the gum veins and curly grain is extremely beautiful and has also become very fashionable.

When using a marri wood, make sure to seal it properly for best results. It can make your flooring more attractive and even harder wearing.

Thinking about marri wood for your next floor? Contact West Coast Timbers. We grade our timber flooring depending on your individual preferences. We always meet our customer needs and requests for that special home with beautiful flooring!