Looking for wooden furniture? Choose West Coast Timbers

wooden interiorWant to add some personality to your room?

Looking for furniture that will make your space more welcoming, comfortable and stylish?

Wooden furniture can do it for you.

Wooden furniture is a real charmer and can make your home extra fabulous.

Lovely wooden furniture for you

There’s a huge range of furniture available and they’re all made from different materials. They can be produced in plastic or steel,but as you know, wooden furniture stands out from the rest.

Wooden furniture stands out because of its:

  • rich colour
  • unique grain
  • pattern

Wooden furniture can enhance the appearance of your home, like no other – giving off warmth and a comfortable feel.

Whether you are looking for wooden furniture to decorate your home or any place you want, choose West Coast Timbers. We are your wooden furniture specialists located in Bunbury.

Side Table on CoastersHere at West Coast, we offer different kinds of crafted furniture made and designed by our experts using the most brilliant and durable Australian hardwood. Yes, our furniture is made from superior quality materials, therefore lasting for really a long time. With that,it can even outlast you! You can rest assured that your furniture will withstand our harsh Australian weather.

What kind of wooden furniture do you sell?

So, what do we offer? Well, we offer wooden furniture of an array of designs using different hardwoods such as

  • Jarrah
  • Marri
  • Blackbutt
  • and many

Our range of wooden furniture consists varying sized pieces from small furniture up to larger functional pieces like dining tables furniture; coffee tables, chairs and cabinets. We also do commissions for custom made furniture – so if you have a specific furniture design in mind, call us and we’ll come up with something special for you. We don’t use any state forest timber in our mills so; you’re in the right hand with West Coast Timbers.

Ring us now at West Coast Timbers on 9720 2561. You can also visit our showroom to check out our latest furniture designs. Call for more information.