Did you know floorboards are perfect for making tables?

Marri Floor Board Table by West Coast TimbersWide floor boards are great for making furniture like kitchen or dining tables or even coffee tables. Wide Marri floorboards make beautiful tables with their distinctive colours and grain patterns. Plus, floorboards are also cheap making them just the right materials for tables especially if you are conscious with your budget.

Why choose floorboards?

With so many materials for tables in the market, why choose floorboards? What are its advantages? What makes it stand out from the rest? Here are some reasons why floorboards are perfect for making tables.

  • Value for your money
  • Beautiful
  • Easy to care
  • Healthy for the environment

Value for your money

Floorboards such as Marri are perfect for making lovely tables because they will last for many years allowing you to make the most from your investment. You can cover ply or other cheaper timbers to have a really solid table at a fraction of the price of similar solid wood and make a really beautiful table that will last a very long time.


With its warmth, natural hues and rich colour, Marri floorboards are perfect for you. They also come in different colour and pattern allowing you to have a floorboard that’s perfect for your home.

Easy to care

This type of tables are very easy to care. Once made, your table made from floorboard will look beautiful for years to come with just routine cleaning and maintenance. No strict or complicated maintenance required at all.

Healthy for environment

Marri and other floorboards are a renewable source which means that their supply is guaranteed to last for years without damaging the environment. Plus, wooden tables are environment friendly compared to those tables made from plastics or metal?

West Coast Timbers can mill timber to your requirements. Why not take advantage of our February / March special where you will receive a 10% discount on all wide Marri boards ordered in these months. Go measure and contact West Coast Timbers on 08 9720 2561 to discuss your flooring and furniture needs.