Does Jarrah make good furniture?

jarrahYes! Looking for the new furniture for your home?
Whether you’re replacing old furniture or buying for the first time, you can never go wrong with furniture made from Jarrah.

Make your home beautiful with Jarrah furniture

Furniture brings out your home’s beauty, from your favourite chair, tables and that cabinet that makes your home look classy. Wooden furniture has a unique charm and warmth that no other furniture can match. Did you know wooden furniture fits effortlessly into any style of home from heritage to modern, even minimalist?

Which wood to choose?

Why does Jarrah make good furniture?

Does Jarrah make good furniture? Yes. Beautiful furniture is made from quality and durable wood, Jarrah is a straight wood grown locally to suit our conditions. Western Australia is the home to some of the best hardwood in the world which includes Jarrah. Jarrah hardwood is known for crafting beautiful furniture which can last for years.

cabinet1Jarrah makes good furniture because it is easy to work with and has a:

  • Unique colour
  • Excellent durability
  • Resistant to termites
  • Withstand various weather condition
  • Grown locally

Jarrah hardwood has been a popular material for furniture making for years and today is no different. Even with changing technology and new modern materials, Jarrah is still a fabulous wood to make great furniture from and with a little care it will outlast you.

  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Gorgeous

Jarrah is the perfect wood for your furniture, both indoor and outdoor.

coffee TableGetting the ultimate home décor piece of wooden furniture

If you’re looking for a hardwood that you can use inside your home, whether for décor or functional purposes (or both), Western Australia’s Jarrah hardwood is for you. Let your furniture speak for your home, choose furniture made from Jarrah hardwood and make your home the sparkle.

For lovely furniture made from Jarrah, contact West Coast Timbers, we have access to a range of local hardwoods that you can’t find anywhere else. We mill our own timber and can turn them into beautiful pieces of furniture. Ring us on 08 9720 2561 or visit our showroom to check our latest design collections.