Jarrah furniture, perfect for you

Solid Wood Table by West Coast TimbersAre you looking for the perfect wood for that special piece of furniture, Jarrah furniture is what you are looking for! This wood is gorgeous, beautiful plus hard wearing and functional.

The beauty of Jarrah furniture

Wood furniture, especially Jarrah has a timeless appeal that can make your home truly unique and elegant. Jarrah is great for making both indoor and outdoor furniture. It is so versatile that it can be made into tables, chairs, buffets, beds any kind of furniture have your inside home. Jarrah also makes great bars, outdoor settings and BBQ furniture.

How to know an original Jarrah furniture?

Not all Jarrah is of the same quality or worse, not all Jarrah furniture is real. When choosing Jarrah furniture, you have to be very careful, especially if it is your first time. Remember, Jarrah can be laminated to look like real wood when it is not. Things to watch for is its weight real Jarrah is heavy. If the piece of furniture is not heavy then you will immediately know it is not real. Read our solid wood page for more information.

Appearance of Jarrah

Jarrah wood has certain colour, generally a dark red, if it is pale it won’t be Jarrah.

Jarrah Furniture is special

Jarrah is from the south west of Western Australia it is grown in tough conditions which makes for a very hard timber. Jarrah is good looking, durable and with a bit of TLC will last forever (literally). Colour and grain makes for really beautiful one off pieces that just can’t be replicated with cheap “Bali” imports. To top it off did you know Jarrah is termite resistant, now that is tough!

Real Jarrah, real class, real quality’ chooses real wood.

If you want to have the best wood for your furniture, contact West Coast Timbers. We have Jarrah and other WA timbers cut specially to your size, completed furniture pieces or we can custom make to suit your exact needs. Ring us today and let us know what you have in mind.