Is Spring the right time to get a hardwood floor?

Marri FloorboardsWant to enjoy the benefits of your new flooring at the right time? Spring is the perfect time to get your hardwood floor layed.

Here are the major reasons why hardwood flooring loves spring season.

  1. No humidity
  2. Weather is great
  3. Perfect time to install

No humidity

Worry about moisture no more. Spring has no humidity making your flooring free from moisture, buckling and further damages. All you have to do is a little maintenance such as sweeping with soft broom and wiping spills to prevent build-up of moist and keep it in tiptop condition. Spring is the perfect time to have your floor layed, giving it plenty of time for your floor to settle before the heat of summer hits.

Weather is great

Spring offers a moderate weather; not too cold and not too hot. No need to run your heaters to penetrate heat inside your home or plug your aircon to beat the heat as spring is such a perfect weather.

Knowing that too much heat or cold will damage your floors, you can have a peace of mind that your flooring will not shrink and expand with cosy weather temperature.

Perfect time to install

The rain is almost gone and the sun isn’t too hot, perfect time to install a new floor or have additions done. Really freshen your home up this spring ready for a summer party or a nice new look. Installing flooring is perfect at this time of year.

If you want to install hardwood floor, don’t wait for the next season. Spring is your hardwood floors favourite season.

Is Spring the right time to get a hardwood floor?

Yes of course.

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