Is burning firewood bad for the environment?

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Need to keep warm this winter but concerned about polluting the environment?

No need to worry! Read these 3 points and see how firewood is surprisingly good for the environment.

  1. Releases less carbon dioxide
  2. Greenhouse positive
  3. Carbon sequestration

Releases less carbon dioxide

A study of the greenhouse gas emissions of firewood by CSIRO in 2003 shows that firewood releases less carbon dioxide than other heating energy sources which means burning wood is safe for your health and the environment.

Greenhouse positive

Firewood from plantations is greenhouse positive because the carbon is sequestered in the tree’s root mass. All carbon that is produced during firewood combustion is reabsorbed by trees so they can grow further.

The fossil fuels used to process and transport the wood are the only cause of an increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide. Firewood doesn’t destroy the atmosphere.  Hydro stations and solar collectorscan have an adverse effect as they create carbon pollution during their construction phase.

Carbon sequestration

Firewood is best to help lower greenhouse gas emissions by substituting the use of fossil fuels. You can enjoy a warm winter with a lovely ambiance in your home by simply lighting your wood fire. Surprisingly, you can save the earth by burning firewood at home!

Is burning firewood bad for the environment?

Absolutely not! Firewood can be your best winter warmer and money saver as it reduces your reliance on electric heaters to keep you warm during the cold season of winter and early spring. Burn firewood now and be part of saving our planet!

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