How to protect your timber floors this summer?

timber flooringYour timber floor is tough, durable and beautiful but it still needs a bit of TLC. Now the weather is warm your floor will be exposed to a large amount of foot traffic, with people moving in and out all the time. It’s important that you take good care of your floors.

Floor maintenance should be done all year round but when the weather is lovely you really don’t want to stay inside and do house work.

There are many factors that can cause your floors to get damaged and most can be prevented.

  • Keep a consistent temperature
  • Clean your floors
  • Take off your shoes
  • Use entry floor mats

Keep a consistent temperature

When the weather is hot it is tempting to whack on the airconditioner full bore but this is not good for your flooring. Sudden temperature changes can cause wood planks to separate or spilt. When using your air conditioner, avoid turning your cold up and down to protect your floor against separation and gapping. Allow the temperature to come up slowly. Close your curtains in the morning before the heat start and help prevent the sun from coming in, in the first place.

Clean your floors

Sweep, vacuum and mop your floors. Do not let the dirt piled up! Dirt, sand and grit can get trapped in your shoes and scratch your flooring.

Take off your shoes

Before entering your home, ask everyone to remove their shoes. Shoes are one of the most common ways for tracking in outside dirt.

Lay entry floor mats

By having entry mats on the outside of your doors you can help to prevent the dirt coming into your home. Laying floor mats in high traffic to your floor areas like hallways can also prevent wear and tear on your floor. Make sure you vacuum your mats regularly, take them outside from time to time for a good shake and let the sun freshen them up.

How to protect your timber floors this summer?

If you use these tips all year roundyou will be able to enjoy the great outdoors this summer and not be stuck inside doing too much house work.

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