How to protect your timber floors during spring

Wooden Flooring in your hallwayYour timber floor is tough, durable and yes, beautiful. As spring becomes summer your floor might need a bit of TLC.

When the weather is cold in winter your floor is often exposed to heavy amount of traffic, because people just want to stay indoors. As the weather warms up you might notice your floor is having a few issues. It’s important that you take good care of your floor all year.

There are many factors that cause your floors to get damage.

  • Exposure to moisture from spills or excess mopping
  • Scrapes and scratches from shoes
  • Direct sun exposure

Prevention is the best cure, wipe up spills immediately they occur or you notice them, especially if you are having a party. Always dry mop after you do any wet mopping and keep your floor by regularly sweeping before mopping.

Tips on how to protect your hardwood floor!

  1. Keep a consistent temperature. Constant temperature changes can cause wood planks to separate. If you’re using air conditioner, avoid turning your cold up straight away, let it gradually come up to temperature to protect your floor against separation and gapping.
  2. Clean your floors. Sweep, vacuum and mop your floors. Do not let the dirt piled up!
  3. Lay floor mats. Laying floor mats reduces the amount of traffic to your floor and decreases the amount of dirt coming in contact with your floor too.
  4. Take off your shoes. Before entering your home, ask everyone to remove their shoes. Shoes are one of the most common tools for tracking in outside dirt.
  5. Prevent direct sunlight hitting your floors especially in summer. Draw your curtains and keep the heat out. Once the sun has moved on then you can reopen your curtains. This will also prevent uneven fading of your flooring.

Follow these tips and you will be able to enjoy your beautiful floors for many, manySprings to come.

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