How to prevent heavy furniture from damaging my floors?

Solid Timber Table by West Coast TimbersUnprotected furniture and chairs scraping across your floors can be the potential reasons for the damages to your flooring. The floors surface can be scratched, damages and stained by dragging furniture if safety measures are not applied. Make sure to look after your flooring to ensure you can enjoy it for a very long time.

Here are 3 easy DIY tips to prevent furniture from damaging your floors:

  1. Clean your floor
  2. Use pads to protect furniture
  3. Prevent furniture traffic

Clean your floor

With proper regular cleaning, your floorings can retain their strength and luster for more years to come. Use a soft cloth to wipe any dirt in the floor surface then vacuum with the soft brush attached, keeping it free of debris all the time.

Inspect floors for spills, stains and scratches to treat them immediately. Never leave your floor wet as this can weaken the boards, reducing its lifespan. Refinish the flooring every four to five years, if needed.

Use pads to protect furniture

An easy way to prevent damage by furniture is too attach pads or felt padding to the bottom of furniture legs. We suggest to use wider pads for heavy furniture such as sofas and tables. Pads come in a variety of sizes, shape and type. Ask your reputable manufacturer for the right padding that will suit your furniture.

Prevent furniture traffic

When moving furniture, make sure to use the right type of furniture pads or chair glides. Thick felt or rubber works well with heavy furniture.

How to prevent heavy furniture from damaging my floors?

Don’t forget to do the 3 tips. Prevention is always better than cure.

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