How to identify good firewood

Trailer of FirewoodAre you using firewood to heat your home? Great! To get the most out of any fire you should get good quality firewood and it is important to know how to identify it.

Seasoned wood is better!

There are lots of different types of firewood available, and people debate over which is the best type to use. However whatever type of wood is available, choose seasoned wood. Seasoned wood is timber that has been left to dry for 12- 18 months, so the moisture content is below 20%.

The lower moisture content means that the wood will burn better and not smoulder, efficiently heating up your room.

Seasoned wood also offers:

  • High quality combustion
  • More heat
  • Less smoke
  • Less production of tar

How to spot a good seasoned wood?

Firewood1Now that you know that seasoned timber or woods are better, you would want to know how to spot a seasoned timber. Here’s what you should follow:

  • Check the end part of the timber. If it’s dark in colour and cracked, it is dry and good to use.
  • Try lifting the wood. Dry woods are lightweight so when you can carry it with ease, it’s perfect.
  • Hit two pieces together. If it makes a hollow sound, your firewood is of great quality.
  • When the bark is hard to peel, it’s not properly dried yet, so stay away from that firewood.

How to identify good firewood

There are many different types of firewood – the key here is to find a good local supplier that could offer you quality, dried firewood. When in Bunbury, contact West Coast Timbers. We have firewood, properly dried to make your cold evenings warmer. Ring us today for a free quote.