How to fix timber decking?

Hardwood DeckingSuffering from weathered timber decking? No worries, you can fix your decking right away without replacing it. West Coast Timbers have got you some tips to keep your timber decking in tiptop condition.

  1. Treat cracks and splits
  2. Sand the deck
  3. Restore the natural colour
  4. Seal the deck
  5. Buy new timber

Treat cracks and splits

As decks ages it needs to be oiled and looked after to prevent get cracks and splits. If it is too late and the damage is done, unscrew the cracked boards.

To fix you have 2 options to fix it depending on the severity of the damage

1. For minor damage – Inject the cracks with a coloured caulk compound by the manufacturer. Use clamps to prevent the crack from opening while the caulk dries. Leave the clamps on overnight until the board is completely set before removing them.

2. Replace the effected boards with new one. West coast timber has a huge range of timbers so give them a call to get a very close match.

Sand the deck

Use a belt sander to sand the weathered boards sand off the grey tint and get back to the underlying wood. Sanding can reveal the natural colour of your deck making it look like new. Apply the recommend oil and remember to oil annually from now on.

Seal the deck

Seal the deck once a year for a permanent protection. Fill a sprayer with deck sealer then spray it thoroughly. Angle the spray to penetrate through the cracks and joists. It is best to spray the bottom of the deck. Allow the sealer to dry for 3 days before using the deck.

How to fix timber decking?

See you don’t need to replace the whole deck, simply follow these tips above. Or buy a new piece to replace the damaged section and repair your deck.

Need help looking after your decking?

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