How to create a rustic ambiance inside your home with wooden furniture?

antique tableIt’s not too late to bring back that rustic feel into your home. Create that lovely ambience and invite your friends for a cuppa and chat in your lounge room.

Here are great ways to create a rustic ambience with wooden furniture:

  1. Choose your favourite feature
  2. Add a feature piece of furniture
  3. Add some branches or sticks

Choose your favourite feature

Furniture can either be natural or stained to create a rustic look. You may want to experiment with rich darker wood colours for warmer ambience. Make sure to choose furniture with obvious natural grains and knots in the wood, as it conveys an organic, laid back ambience creating an atmosphere that is perfect to relax in.

Add a feature piece of furniture

Adding a large wooden feature piece is a great way to create that warm rustic feel. You can build your décor around you main piece. In the dining room you could have a large wooden dining table then add matching chairs and warm rich curtains to complete the look. In your bedroom it could be a 4 poster bed or a wooden dressing table as your main piece. Start with your feature piece and then work out from there.

Add some branches or sticks

Go to your backyard and gather old withered branches or sticks, put them in a large vase and add a table decoration. For a more dramatic effect use a really large vase or feature pot and large long sticks and make a decorate that sits on the floor.If you have an excess of branches, put them in a basket on your shelf. Leftovers can be great décor!

How to create rustic ambiance inside your home with wooden furniture?

Simply do the three how to steps and you will have a lovely rustic welcoming feel to your home.

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