How to care for wooden furniture?

You will enjoy entertaining around this beautiful solid wood Outdoor TableHere are some tips on how to care for wooden furniture.

Timber has been and still is the mostly chosen material for home furniture. This is not a surprise since wood has qualities that make it the best; durable, easy to form into a masterpiece and the supply is plentiful. The best characteristic of wood is that it makes great furniture material which has capability to stand the test of time. It is said that the word “antique” was made to describe wooden furniture of a certain age and beauty. That is why caring for these precious pieces of wooden furniture should be your top priority to protect your investment and treasured piece.

Caring for your wooden furniture doesn’t need much effort. Knowing the cause and avoiding them is the best prevention you can have.

Your pet is not your furniture’s best friend

This is true in most cases. Dogs, for example, when bored and has nothing to do anymore have this tendency to chew whatever things that attract its interest and your wooden furniture will be its most expensive past time. Your cat won’t be excused in this crime; they also are very fond of sharpening their claws against hard wood.

So, the best way to protect your furniture from your pet’s cute habits is to let them stay outside your house or train them. Good thing is that, it can be avoided by acting immediately as soon as you notice damages on your furniture.

Weather changes can still affect your wooden furniture’s life span

The second treat to your timber furniture is extreme and sudden humidity change. Wood only shows its weakness when it started to lose moisture. Dry wood becomes brittle can prone to easy crack and break.

To protect your furniture from this scenario, keep it out of direct sunlight. Long exposure to sunlight can cause it to dry out. Also, ensuring the finish is kept up, regular oiling or varnishing of your furniture will protect it even when slightly exposed to sunlight.

Too much moisture too can cause damaged to your wooden furniture.

Don’t allow your furniture to be left in the rain or direct exposure to water.

How to care for wooden furniture?

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