How much does custom made furniture cost?

  • Side Table on CoastersDo you have a particular spot you want to put a certain piece of furniture but just can’t find what you are looking for?
  • Have a lovely piece of wood you need dressed and turned into a special piece of furniture?
  • Or just looking for a one off?

Custom furniture is not as expensive as you think. The price will depend on a few factors:

  1. Materials
  2. Style of Furniture
  3. Your requirement


Custom making your furniture gives you the chance to choose the exact piece or pieces of wood your furniture to be made from. Our timber comes in a variety of sizes, colour and style that fit your taste. All our timbers come from private property or development site. We DON’T use any state forest timber in our mill. We can even mill logs that you supply.

Style of furniture

The cost of your new piece of furniture will depend on the style of furniture and the type of piece you choose. An intricate buffet is going to cost more than a slab coffee table, due to the amount of wood and time that is needed to product the piece. Hand-made furniture pieces can be the stand out component of your home’s theme and décor, making a stunning look or complement existing pieces.

Fabulous wooden coffee table West Coast TimbersYou might be surprised to know that chairs can cost more than a dining table. Raw materials may cost less than joinery effort in making a chair as it involves a great deal of time and effort to satisfy your taste.

Custom joinery pieces can maximise the space in your home as you can choose the exact size, shape and style, making even the most of unusable spot your home an asset.

Your Requirements

Cost is also based on what you require in the piece of furniture. Ring us to get a free quote and know exactly what you can get plus the cost of your custom furniture.

How much does custom made furniture cost?

As you can see it really does depend.

Custom designed furniture is great to showcase your unique design perfect to suit your needs and taste. Contact West Coast Timbers on 08 9720 2561 to discuss your furniture needs. We offer large range of timbers to make your custom furniture. Ring West Coast Timbers for a free quote.