How much does a solid timber flooring cost?

Solid timber flooring is one of the most popular features in homes today. They make homes unique and stand out from the rest. How much does a timber floor cost to install?

Timber flooring cost

A new flooring project can be a big investment that is why; you want to know how much it cost before making such a big purchase. You will want to know the price first before you start with the project.

How much does timber flooring cost?

Timber flooring cost involves two things,

  1. Labour to install the timber flooring
  2. The material cost of the timber flooring.

If you are installing the floor yourself then you only need to look at the material cost.

Material cost of timber flooring

Material costs of timber flooring will depend on many factors like:

  • Type of wood used. Do you have a particular type of wood in mind? When choosing, go for locally grown Australian hardwood as they are cheaper and are more readily available.
  • Width of the boards. The width of the floor boards will also determine the cost, some woods are available in wider board widths and some are not. If you need to have a particular width that is not standard then this will be a custom job and cost more.
  • Cost of finishing. Finishing work is required after the wood is installed so allow for that in your budget
  • Amount of flooring. Of course the more you need, the more the cost of the timber will be.

These factors should be considered in order to help you determined the cost of a timber flooring. Good luck with your project!

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How much does a solid timber flooring cost?

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