Why is handmade wooden furniture so good?

Wood Table by West Coast TimbersDo you plan to buy wooden furniture?

Handmade wooden furniture is a great investment. Because:

  • It enhance your home’s appearance
  • It is natural and environmentally friendly
  • You can choose from a wide variety of styles and sizes

When investing into handmade wooden furniture your will be the envy or your friends and have a great talking point for years to come. Wooden furniture can be made from recycled timber and often comes with a story to tell.

Enhance your home like never before

Solid wooden furniture can make your home more elegant looking. Wooden furniture has this ability to bring out a sense of masculinity to the room where there is plenty of feminine touches – perfect for couples who want to incorporate something they both love. Or you can that perfectly fine ladies dresser that will bring memories of yesteryear flooding back.

Natural, environmentally friendly and good for your family

Furniture made from plastics has a harmful effect on our environment and your health. With woods, you know that you are not contributing to our slowly dying environment. Most wooden furniture is ecofriendly water based lacquer or natural oils, which is safe for your family.

fishtankBaseWide variety of styles and sizes

With the wide variety of styles and sizes of wooden furniture available, you are sure to find something that will suit your taste. There is a style and piece to fit very sort of home from traditional to modern and even contemporary.

Expensive? No, you get what you pay for.

Yes, wooden furniture can be more expensive than some of the other styles of furniture, but with the benefits it can offer, you can always get the real value for your money. Wooden furniture can last a lifetime, how many priceless plastic pieces do you see? Handmade wooden furniture is exquisitely designed and crafted to make it unique and it will become an antique of the future.

Not convinced? Come and see for yourself; call West Coast Timbers and book an appointment to see the furniture we have in stock.