Firewood For Sale near Bunbury

Firewood Available

Firewood to fit 6 x 4 Trailer

NO Bark, Rot or Charcoal. Clean wood ready to burn (no storage or drying needed). Jarrah mill ends and bush wood, all wood is dry, seasoned and pre-split into convenient sizes to fit your average size firebox. Perfect firewood for winter ready to burn now and it will keep you warm in the cold weather.

$120 a bin – fits 6 x 4 trailer

Loads usually contain a few pieces of Tuart or Marri as well for burning overnight.

Easy drive from Perth

West Coast Timbers in Binningup is only a 1½ hour drive from Perth. Make the most of your drive, pack a picnic and head down to the beautiful southwest and still save your hard earned money. BYO trailer – effortless. Simply ring 9720 2561 to arrange pick up.

The loads are made up from logs that are processed at our mill and split seasoned timber. Nice sized good quality firewood loads that is hand split, ready for you to use tonight. Pre-cut kindling supplied too – how easy is that?

BYO trailer and we don’t deliver (sorry).

Our firewood is cut from logs of seasoned timbers that are processed at our mill and then hand split plus bush wood from private properties. No wood is taken from our State forests.

Bigger loads are also available – call us for a price.
Just tell us what you are looking for.

Types of Firewood Available

All Jarrah loads also available
– pre-split, convenient sized to fit your average fire place.
(Jarrah is considered as one of the best firewoods in WA).

Jarrah mill ends $70 a bin or split bush wood $120 a bin.

All Tuart or Marri wood loads available on request.
A bin – fits into a 6 x 4 trailer.

Firewood just North of Bunbury

Are you in the Bunbury or surrounding area and want to save money and time on your firewood?

West Coast Timbers has 6 x 4 trailer loads of wood for sale. Drive in with your trailer and have the bin of wood dumped into your trailer, pay your money and drive home, saves your time and money.

What We Don’t Do:

At West Coast Timbers we DON’T sell green and wet firewood. Who has time these days to wait for firewood to dry? There’s no storage or drying required whatsoever! Ours is clean, dry and ready to burn tonight! We DON’T do bark, rot or charcoal either – just the best quality firewood, ready to set alight now…

Thinking of Collection Wood from the Bush?

Firewood available at West Coast Timbers
Trailer Firewood
Trailer of Firewood

Just in case you were thinking about going out and collecting your own firewood – be sure to check the Department of Parks & Wildlife site as to all of their restrictions:

  • You do know that you can only take 2 loads of firewood (maximum of 1 tonne every 60 days) ~ don’t you?
  • Firewood can only be taken from areas shown on their map.
  • Only fallen timber can be removed. It is illegal to cut down any standing trees (dead or alive), or break or cut off any part of a standing tree for firewood. The felling of trees can also damage adjacent vegetation.
  • Any logs marked with a white “H” should be avoided as these have been identified as a potential habitat for native animals.
  • Firewood can only be collected for private use as selling the wood is not permitted.
  • Chainsaws must not be used on days when there is a high fire danger or during fire bans.

Save yourself the time and money by just driving to West Coast Timbers at Binningup and getting your trailer filled. Dry split firewood ready to stack at your place; all in less than 10 minutes plus driving time! Easy cheap, quality firewood!

Did you know?

  • When you buy wood by weight if it is wet you are paying for water!
  • If you buy green wood it is heavier than dry wood?
  • Green wood is also hard to burn and smokey.
  • Buying 18kg bags of fire wood at $10 would be equivalent to buying a trailer load of wood for $425. Expensive wood.

At West Coast Timbers at Binningup we DON’T sell wet or green wood,
we only sell dry clean wood ready for you to take straight home and burn now.

Hand spilt, good size pieces ready for you to burn now.
Firewood For Sale near Bunbury

Don’t freeze this winter!!! Need firewood that you want to burn NOW? Call us today and arrange a time. BYO trailer and we’ll fill it for you in a matter of minutes. It doesn’t get much easier than that…

Good quality, no bark, firewood for sale, ring West Coast Timbers on 9720 2561