Everything about wooden furniture that you need to know!

Solid Wood Table by West Coast TimbersDo you often wonder why wooden furniture is simply irresistible?

What makes it so unique and such a classic piece?

That is because when a hardwood is used, every board tells its own story. No 2 pieces will ever look the same – that is the real beauty of wooden furniture. Wooden furniture reflects a uniqueness that no other furniture can match it.

  • Wooden furniture is unique
  • Hardwood colour variations
  • Don’t accept a synthetic substitute!

Wooden furniture is unique

It takes many years for a tree to reach its full maturity before they are cut down and make it into some awesome pieces of furniture. Each tree has a unique grain pattern and texture. When manufactured, the individual boards and timbers will reflect this sole process and make each piece of wooden furniture a one-off. The grain patterns are made by the tree’s growth ring? It shows one for every year. Therefore,a piece of wooden furniture with countless patterns means that the hardwood has reached maturity.

Wooden Table by West Coast TimbersHardwood colour variations

Have you ever looked closely at your wooden furniture and noticed all the different colours? Each hardwood may show off 2 or more shades of colour; this shows the standard trademark of the particular hardwood that is used in the furniture piece.

Why does the timber have these colour ranges?

The outside part of the wood shows off a lighter colour compared to what’s inside, which are

usually darker. Some woods may also show off dissimilar colours due to the minerals present and other elements affecting the tree’s growth.

Tv Cabinet 1Don’t accept a synthetic substitute!

Solid wooden furniture has become the standard in top quality furnishings, never settle for anything less. Wooden furniture may have many synthetic substitutes – but don’t accept them! Always ask plenty of questions and have a critical eye for each wooden furniture that catches your attention. No synthetic substitute can look and feel as authentic -as a piece of wooden furniture. Laminated or wood substitutes won’t last like wooden furniture can and sometimes they can even give off orders from the large amount of glues that have been used in making the furniture.

All about wooden furniture

For quality wooden furniture, contact West Coast Timbers. We offer first rate wooden furniture every time. Each piece of hardwood is manufactured directly at our very own mill. We have readymade furniture and we also take orders for custom made furniture. Just let us know – what you have in mind. Call West Coast Timbers today and let’s discuss your needs.