Dusting your wooden furniture: how to do it properly

Fabulous wooden coffee table West Coast TimbersWooden furniture makes your home beautiful. They are:

  • Warm
  • Elegant
  • Stylish

The timeless beauty of wooden furniture just keeps on attracting more and more homeowners. Wooden furniture pieces are simply amazing through the years!

Keep your wooden furniture, beautiful all the time

Caring and preserving your wooden furniture it not as difficult as it may seem. You can keep your wooden furniture looking like new if you care for it properly. The secret to keeping it functional and beautiful is to properly maintain it.

Maintaining your wooden furniture

Wooden furniture maintenance may require different care. Are you confused between cleaning, dusting or polishing your wooden furniture? Don’t be. All of these things are necessary to preserve your wooden furniture. However, when it comes to dusting your furniture, there are few things you should take note.

Dusting your wooden furniture properly

Dusting wooden furniture is necessary – don’t avoid it. Dusting allow you to remove airborne deposits that build up in a filmy layer and scratch your wooden furniture. When it comes to dusting,  there are different dusting tools that you can choose such as:

  • Classic feather duster
  • Treated clothes
  • Lambs wool duster
  • Soft, lint free clothes
  • Terry towels

These dusting tools will help you remove dirt off your wooden furniture without leaving any scratch. Remember, some of your wooden furniture might get easily damaged. For these fragile wooden furniture, you need dusting tools that can preserve their beauty.

When dusting, make sure you dust the top portion of your furniture first. This it to make sure no dust will fall into the clean part. With proper dusting tool and thorough cleaning, you can keep your wooden furniture, clean for years to come!

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