Debunking the common myths about wooden furniture

Lovely Solid Wood Table from West Coast TimbersWe all know that wooden furniture looks lovely. It has that rich colour that gives off a warm feeling. Every home with wooden furniture exudes charm and elegance. However, some homeowners are hesitant to choose wooden furniture. It’s not because they don’t agree with the timelessness of wooden furniture. It’s because they have heard all of these wooden furniture myths– and they’re not sure if they are true or not.

Wooden furniture myths

These myths might be common, but it doesn’t mean they are true. Here are some myths about wooden furniture and you might also think some sound very familiar:

  • Wooden furniture is not eco friendly
  • Wooden furniture is difficult to maintain
  • Wooden furniture is expensive

fishtankBaseWooden Furniture Is Not Eco Friendly

Just because they are made of wood, doesn’t mean they are not helping the environment? That is not true – wooden furniture does come from trees but these trees are harvested and cut down because they have matured.Often, these trees are grown in plantations or from development sites where the trees are being removed. If the trees from development sites and roadworks are not used, in wooden furniture or flooring then the timber would be wasted and that would not be environmentally friendly.

Wooden Furniture Is Difficult To Maintain

This is probably the most common lie told about wooden furniture. Would furniture isn’t difficult to maintain but it does require a little bit maintenance. The wood has natural oils that protect the furniture and let it age gracefully over time these oils need to be replaced and sealed in.

brrl table with flower box underneath $4500.00Wooden Furniture Is Expensive

Why choose wooden furniture when there is a cheaper alternative? You get what you pay for; cheaper furniture will often  warp, crack or break. Wooden furniture will often outlast you and can endure daily wear and tear. With proper care, wooden furniture will be a once off buy and with proper care can pretty much last forever. It may cost a little bit in comparison to plastic furniture but eventually the extra cost will pay off and think of the time saving not having to buy new furniture every few years.

Debunking the common myths about wooden furniture

Have you heard these myths before? Now you know these aren’t real and just pure misconceptions about wooden furniture – what are you waiting for?

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