Are there any competitive benefits of hardwood floors?

Marri Floorboards1Hardwood floors provide style and beauty that can adapt to any décor. Whether you want your home to look traditional or modern, a hardwood floor can give you an exact look you are wanting. Its warmth, rich colour, unique grain and pattern make it exquisite – the perfect way to create an exclusive look for your home.

Aren’t hardwood floors expensive to install?

Compared to other cheap flooring options, hardwood floors may cost a little more. However, as it’s a once in a lifetime expense, for the next 20 years or more, you won’t need to replace your floor. Sometimes, it can even outlive you! Yes, hardwood floors offer great long-term value and last longer. Plus, they are easy to maintain too. A little bit of sweeping and vacuuming once in a while can do the trick. Periodically, using a wood floor cleaner will help remove some stubborn surface dirt.

Save on some of the costs by buying directly from the mill and installing the flooring yourself.

Once your floor looks old in 30 years’ time, you can even resanded and refinished and viola, it will look like youinstalled yesterday!

Marri FloorboardsDoes it offer any benefits?

Yes – hardwood floors offer competitive benefits. When properly installed, hardwood floors can last up to a hundred of years. Other floorings won’t last that long and would require a replacement – an added cost and expense again.

With hardwood flooring do it once – do it right

You see, hardwood floors offer a competitive price – but knowing it can last longer and requires less maintenance means its price is very reasonable.

Did you know?

Investing in a solid hardwood floor is important, especially if you are not planning to move?

Or even if you are planning to move, hardwood flooring can add significant value to your home and can potentially increase its sales price. Many real estate agents reported that properties with wood floors sell faster!

Are there any competitive benefits of hardwood floors?

Want to save money and get superior wood flooring?

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